May / 01 / 20

How to Change Your Marketing During COVID

Yes, your brand can thrive during the pandemic.

Mar / 27 / 20

The Rad Psychology of Color and How It Affects Your Bottom Line

Consider this: In a study titled “Impact of color on marketing,” researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone.

Feb / 19 / 20

Digital Marketing Trends That Are Shaking (not stirring) Up 2020

‘There's a saying in England; Where there's smoke, there's fire’, and with 2020 only just beginning, marketers and business owners must prepare for upcoming digital marketing trends that are generating some serious heat.

Feb / 03 / 20

Using The Force Of Facebook Ads

Whether you’ve welcomed Facebook Ads with open arms like Baby Yoda, or you’ve avoided them like the dark side, the fact is: you need to be utilizing them if you’re serious about Social Media Marketing.

Jan / 03 / 20

How To Fix Google Street View For Your Business

Whether you’re logged in to your Google My Business or not you can fix Google Street View right now in just a couple of minutes. Here’s how we fixed the existing Google Street View For RVR Consulting Group, the focus of our previous blog article on digital marketing.

Nov / 27 / 19

3 Quick Ways To Build Trust & Credibility On Your Website

Trust is paramount for any business, let alone business management consulting firms. When it comes down to it, customers who visit your website want to know what you do and whom you do it for. To build brand awareness and credibility, start with social proof. Make a stronger impression among your target audience with these 3 simple steps to develop trust and credibility with your company’s digital marketing.

Oct / 29 / 19

Digital Marketing Tips When Relocating Your Business

In this review, we’re taking a look at the digital marketing from one of our favorite breweries, Orange County Brewers. Recently, their brewery moved locations, which got us thinking about the challenges local retail businesses face when relocating. Whether you’re a brewery, a restaurant, or any other company that relies on the customers within your community, keep these objectives in mind to grow your business during your transition with a strengthened digital marketing strategy. 

Sep / 30 / 19

Rebrand Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Branding is big. When it comes to the identity of your business, your branding is what people think of first. If the current rendition of your branding has a few years worth of miles on it, your brand relevancy has faded. Meaning, it may be time to revisit whether you need a brand refresh or a full rebrand. We’ll also explore the value of your brand as a small to medium-sized business (SMB), and establish why NOW is the best time to tackle your business’s branding challenges.  

Aug / 09 / 19

4 Ways To Improve Your B2B Marketing Strategy

There are two kinds of B2B companies, those that have a dedicated content marketing strategy and those that don't. Use these 4 factors to improve the results of your content and to get a better return on your B2B digital marketing strategy.

Jul / 11 / 19

What To Look For In A Social Media Marketing Agency

When researching the right social media marketing agency, many companies overlook key strategies that take their social media beyond a popularity contest to actually building their customer base. Here’s what to look out for before partnering with a new social media agency.