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For decades, phrases like, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” have driven home the notion that, sometimes, the best way to convey something is by showing, not telling. Even though that all makes sense on an intuitive level, it’s always important to have data and research backing up your decisions.

MarTech, or marketing technology, is the catchy term coined in 2011 that refers to the techniques and tech tools that marketers use to design, implement, and evaluate their marketing efforts. As the marketing technology landscape has evolved over the years, nearly all aspects of marketing have been served by these solutions.

On the surface, social media marketing seems simple enough. It’s probably tempting to just make an account on every platform possible, cross-post all the same content, and call it a day. But we’re here to save you from that all-too-easy trap, kemosabe.

Ultimately, you want your target customers to choose you over your competitors. If how you want to be seen isn’t aligning with how consumers actually view you or if you’re having trouble differentiating your brand from competitors, it’s likely time for some rebranding.