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What does it take to create ads that pause fingers and slow down users’ endless scrolling? While advertising on social media may seem easy enough, crafting an effective campaign goes way beyond clicking “Boost” and just hoping for stellar results. Frankly, a whole lotta work goes into makin' platforms like Facebook and Instagram cooperate and yield results. If you’re on the fence about social ads, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Check yourself for these common mistakes and get the low-down on how to fix ‘em.

Appealing to human emotions has long been a way for companies to build deep connections with their customers and inspire them toward action. Remember ASPCA’s commercial with Sarah McLachlan? Beyond being a real tear-jerker, the famous TV spot worked, reportedly helping the organization raise $30 million. And it’s not just non-profits that stand to benefit from emotional marketing. Brands across industries are tapping into the strategy by designing their messaging and creative with the goal of stirring up an emotional connection with their customers. Even B2B companies that have traditionally appealed to “logic and reasoning” are signing on. Here’s why.

You’re probably no stranger to the appeal of social media. If you keep up with current events, you know it’s a business must-have as well as a powerful force that can make (or break) companies overnight. In fact, maybe you’ve already set up the Facebook Business profile for your firm and are even accumulating some likes on your posts. Props! You’re off to a good start.

Like a recipe that can be crafted to individual tastes, your brand can discover its own unique ingredient that draws audiences in. Without a doubt, the benefits of doing so are plenty. From fostering a one-of-a-kind company culture to having that perfect conversation starter in your back pocket, here’s how adding your own version of “+ Brewery” can transform your business.