+ Brewery always perks up the ears, and for good reason. We've been crafting recipes since 2009 and didn't bring it into the agency until 2013. Originally named Romotovski as a nod to our founder's Polish heritage, the first batches were made in a tiny kitchen with a second-hand brew kit. The philosophy was simple: screw tradition. Each artisan batch is one-of-a-kind, delivering a unique experience each time. Brewing beer has become somewhat of a community outreach, starting with a small block party of neighbors and friends to an annual competition at PH3 to create the best brand for the next craft beer. Each batch of hand-crafted brew is highly anticipated by clients, friends and family alike. Beer is our creative outlet outside the advertising world. It's a great way to bring people together for a conversation about what they'd like to achieve. This story is still in the making as we develop the perfect marriage between agency + brewery.

Unique Brewskis

Not that we're keeping count, but here are the artisan recipes brewed to date.

Brown Ale
Red Ale
Pale Ale
Brewery Posters
Schweaty Yeti Brew
Schweaty Yeti Chocolate Mint Stout
Oh So Lovely Pale Ale
Oh So Lovely Pale Ale
Dorado Beach Brew
Dorado Beach Coconut Vanilla Porter
Nutcracker Brew
The Nutcracker Hazelnut Ale
Rebrand Brew
PH3 Rebrand Brew
Christmas Brew
Red Velvet Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ale
Santas Brew
PH3 Christmas Santa's Brewski
Christmas Brew
2009 Romotovski Brew