May / 02 / 17

Episode I: The Rise of Agency + Brewery

It All Started with a Hand-Me-Down Home Brew Kit…

Apr / 25 / 17

5 Reasons Why Your Brewery Needs an Ad Agency

Like any business, breweries start from the ground up, with a small team who do a little bit of everything. You create the recipes, brew the beer, and spread the word in your local area. As those efforts pay off and your brewery starts to build buzz, it’s a crucial time for your business.

Apr / 18 / 17

When Influencer Marketing Goes South

There’s no doubt that brands and marketers are joining the influencer marketing movement. Respondents said that influencer marketing's top benefits entail...

Apr / 11 / 17

The Power of Emotional Advertising

It’s not unheard of that emotions play a significant role in effective advertising campaigns. Studies have shown that people depend on emotions, instead of facts, to make brand decisions — and those emotional reactions to ads are more powerful on a person’s intent to purchase than the content of an ad.

Apr / 04 / 17

Marketing Your Brewery: 3 Key Questions

Branding and marketing play a massive role in the success of any small and independent brewery and involve many different resources. Here are 3 questions to ask yourself to improve the marketing for your brewery.

Mar / 31 / 17

How #SocialMedia Has Changed The Landscape of Business

While the original social networking sites were initially intended for connecting people, they’ve ultimately turned into a quite significant business tool that allow brands to connect with customers in irreplaceable ways.

Feb / 01 / 16

PH3 Sponsors Lovely Benefit, Creates "Oh So Lovely" Beer

On a recent breezy evening in November, The Lovely Project held its 2015 fundraising benefit at the illuminating Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Downtown Orlando, Florida.

Nov / 04 / 15

PH3 Rebrands Local Distillery & Revives Spirits

Winter Park Distillery has set the bar as the first genuine distillery in the Winter Park and Metro-Orlando area.

Aug / 27 / 15

PH3 Rebrands Training Course, Numbers Go Through the Roof

The Jobs Partnership is a Florida-based non-profit organization whose focus is building a healthy workforce through the transformation of the chronically underemployed, by elevating their workplace attitudes and enhancing their employability.

Jun / 25 / 15

PH3 Launches World-Class Luxury Real Estate Website for Dorado Beach

Dorado Beach is a legendary place whose website needed a legendary makeover.