Sep / 05 / 17

Incorporating Visual Content Into Your Marketing Strategy

Visual content marketing is more successful than any other form of communication. Businesses who embrace visual content reap the rewards of greater returns – in terms of more fans/followers, readers, leads, clients and, of course, revenue.

Aug / 29 / 17

Should You Get Onboard the Search Marketing Train?

Beginners and seasoned advertisers alike often tussle with the question of whether to use search ads, display ads, or both.

Aug / 22 / 17

How Secure Are Your Social Media Accounts?

From Fortune 500 companies to small and medium businesses, social media security threats affect us all.

Aug / 11 / 17

PH3’s Craft Brewery Tour: Hourglass Brewing

The PH3 Orlando craft brewery tour is in full swing and this month we continued our monthly visiting trend by stopping by Hourglass Brewing in Longwood.

Aug / 09 / 17

Why Design is Critical to your Digital Marketing

The importance of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing cannot be stressed enough. Today, each and every product/service being promoted via Digital Marketing includes the concept of ‘relevant visual elements’ to grab the attention of a specific target audience.

Aug / 01 / 17

Is Marketing Automation Right for Your Company?

If you’re a marketer, you’ve probably heard of marketing automation. We’re going to bet though, that 90% of marketers no clue what the term means—yet.

Jul / 25 / 17

The Art and Science of Digital Marketing

The question that business owners and marketers debate on a regular basis is whether digital marketing is more of an art or a science.

Jul / 19 / 17

Crafting Your Unique Brand Story

Your brand story matters. A well-crafted brand story puts your target audience in a unique setting where they can envision how your product and service helps them accomplish their goals or live the life they desire.

Jul / 17 / 17

PH3’s Craft Brewery Tour: Broken Cauldron Brewery & Taproom

The PH3 Orlando craft brewery tour continued this month as we visited the unique Broken Cauldron Brewery & Taproom.

The story of how it came to be is rather unheard of but originally, there were two separate businesses — Black Cauldron Brewery and Broken String Brewery.

Jul / 11 / 17

Getting to Know Your Target Audience

Identifying a target audience of consumers is among the most decisive elements for a marketer or business owner to deliberate.