Nonprofit Digital Branding

The Jobs Partnership of Florida came to us with a desire to expand their ground-breaking work transforming working poor and underemployed families in Central Florida through the power of partnerships. We couldn't refuse the opportunity to collaborate with them to make a real difference in our city. Below are the initial developments from our Marketing Plan: new Brand Architecture, LifeWorks Name & Logo Design and Student Campaign. The results have been stellar: more students are now enrolled than any time in their 16 year history! The next development will be a new Church Partner campaign to attract more partnerships.

Strategic Branding

Color Branding

Color Branding and Strategy

Training Course Name & Logo

LifeWorks Logo Design

Partners Campaign

Creative Advertising and Marketing Campaign
Mail-able Collateral For Creative Advertising
Postcard Design & Creative Advertising
Class Campaign and Collateral Design
Brochure Design For Creative Advertising
Creative Copywriting
Creative Campaign Brochures
Creative Copywriting
Creative Brochure Design
General Brochure Creative Advertising

LifeWorks Campaign

LifeWorks Flyer Creative Advertising
LifeWorks Campaign Photography
Creative Advertising Flyers
Creative Advertising Rack Cards
Outdoor Creative Advertising
LifeWorks Application Design

Digital Advertising

digital advertising campaign

LifeWorks Brochure Design and Copywriting
LifeWorks Brochure Design and Copywriting

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