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Why Your In-House Social Media is Meh.

“We have someone handling our social media in-house, so we’re all set there.”

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve heard this line before. Focusing on cost first, most business owners dismiss the idea of one more expense to their business without realizing or understanding the ROI that social media can bring. So they “stay social” by delegating it to an employee, just to show that they’re posting regularly. If this describes your situation, we can almost guarantee you’re not seeing much results.

Here are some common scenarios to shed some light on why your social might be lacking and what you can do to make it great:

Why Your In-House Social Media is Meh.

Just Posting to Look Busy

More often than not, social media tasks are passed on to existing employees, just for the purposes of keeping the company’s social accounts ‘active’. Of course, these employees also have other responsibilities. In cases like this, social media normally plummets to the bottom of their to-do list. This can cause inconsistency in your brand voice and social media activity, prevent any meaningful results, and overall it can mean missed opportunities to grow your brand presence on social media. In the end, you must ask yourself, “what is the point of posting social content if we have no definitive strategy?”

A Jack-of-All-Trades is No Master

If you think one person can run a successful social media campaign by simply posting, think again. A successful social campaign involves multiple elements such as a smart strategy, good design, compelling images, quality copywriting and knowledge of valuable marketing tools beyond just social posts. And that’s best accomplished by a team of talented individuals who specialize in these things. Your in-house employee may know a few hashtags to use or may even post relevant content, but that’s where the “strategy” ends, along with missing countless opportunities in the world of social media.

No Results, No Problem (Said No One Ever)

In comparison to your in-house employee, agencies are more results-focused. Why? Because the success of their agency will depend on the results that they are able to provide for you through social media. You want to grow your business through social media marketing, and agencies want to keep you as a client by providing effective social media marketing. In this scenario, your goals are aligned.


As social media becomes more widespread, individuals managing the mediums in-house are becoming less educated on the ever-evolving professional suite of tools available to businesses. It’s one thing to use social media in personal life, but a completely different beast in the business world. This is especially true for companies looking to expand their reach to new audiences, increase leads, generate more return customers and improve their customer service.
The options are: (1) train staff (but...by who?) to be proficient in social media and marketing, or (2) outsource to a team who does marketing and social media for a living.

It’s up to you, but I’d take the blue pill, Neo.

The Agency Factor

Hiring a good marketing team eradicates the above issues and ensures that you are using social media tools to their maximum potential to grow your business. For a fraction of the yearly costs of hiring employees, you can get an entire team. Ideally, you’d have direct access to a social media manager, a designer, and a copywriter. As a result, you’ll have your own team within reach who have the know-how and tools to execute social media campaigns that will grow your business. (And if you hire our team, you’ll get not only get access to a top-notch team, you can also look forward to your very own, family-sized bottle of uniquely hand-crafted beer each Christmas.)

Why Your In-House Social Media is Meh.

There are no signs of slowing down when it comes to social media marketing’s influence and impact in the online marketplace, so it’s imperative that you have the right team handling your social accounts. If your online presence is the weak link in your overall marketing strategy, let’s talk.

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