30 / May / 17

Why Work With a Brewery, um Ad Agency?

Hmmm, that’s a good question.

Let’s focus on the ad agency side first. We’re not gonna lie, our team is pretty awesome. We’re all about quality of work and dedication (we’re sure you’ve heard that before). We aim to work with organizations where we can build long-lasting relationships and find a compelling way to tell their company story in a relatable fashion. One of the key elements to telling their story is first figuring out what their social glue is.

Finding Your Social Glue

Finding your social glue is what makes you relatable to your target audience, which in turn ties into your company’s story, because every business has a story to tell. Take our Owner and Creative Director, Rick for example…

Dirt field in Honduras

He grew up in the mission field in South America where on any given Sunday, could bring a soccer ball out to a field and get the whole neighborhood together for a game (or 4). Realizing the power to bring people together socially by just using a ball, Rick tried the same thing upon returning to the United States to find out it that didn’t work the same (an epic fail to go to a field with a soccer ball and have no one join you, just not happenin’)…which brought Rick to the question of what do people do in the U.S. socially that brings them together…Happy Hour, grabbing a drink, or in our case, a good beer. Not just having a cold one, but going one step further creatively and crafting quality beer that you can’t get anywhere else. The novelty and exclusivity lures in people and aids in building a relationship and buy-in to us personally, which in turn builds our brand naturally.

What's your Social Glue?

Brewing beer is our social glue that attracts clients to us, because it’s part of our story. What is that for your company? Most companies are so focused on selling services that they forget they have a compelling story to tell about themselves as well, or don’t realize how valuable it can be to tell their unique story that resonates with their audience. This is where we can help, to build a better buy-in to your brand.

Don’t just work with an agency, work with an Agency + Brewery and uncover your plus. We've even been ranked on the Top Digital Advertising Agencies list.

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