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Why Design is Critical to your Digital Marketing

The importance of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing cannot be stressed enough. Today, each and every product/service being promoted via Digital Marketing includes the concept of ‘relevant visual elements’ to grab the attention of a specific target audience. It’s one of the most critical and fundamental factors affecting the success of a Digital Marketing campaign.

Why design is critical to your digital marketing

In today’s fast-paced world, where consumers are busy and constantly on the move, a crisp and stellar visual with brief, to-the-point content is the only way of gaining attention. The idea here is to convey your unique concept and message to a potential customer without them having to struggle to figure out what or how your product/service solves their problems.Graphic design is a key element of the whole marketing process, whose goal is to identify, relate to and motivate target audiences. A company’s brand identity is the foundation upon which all future marketing is established, therefore, branding – including strategic and high-quality graphic design – must be a top priority for businesses.

What Makes Good Graphic Design?

A comprehensive graphic design scheme will visually represent the brand’s unique story, promise, and personality in a simple and powerful way. To test the quality of your logo, for example, see how it looks in black and white. Is it still clear and memorable? Does it still authentically represent who you are as a brand? Now try shrinking it down...way down. Does it become an unrecognizable blob? Can you still read it? If not, your logo will not work well in the digital realm.

For obvious reasons, your brand identity, including your logo and supporting graphics, photography and video should be completely unique from your competition. In the often 2-dimensional digital world, there is no other way to differentiate yourself visually than your design. Having a strong identity will increase the chances of potential customers remembering you.

The greatest graphic design work speaks to its audience in their own language and takes into account their audiences’ outlook, attitudes, motivations, style, and behaviors. A person’s state of mind can be influenced subconsciously and their perception of a brand can often be changed through effective design--even the design of information.

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To create successful design you first need to have a keen understanding of your audience and how they perceive your brand. Do you need to change their perception? If so, be sure to remain true to who and what your brand is, and focus on how your brand can be an attractive and friendly guide to your audience.

Good graphic design must be visually consistent in order to build a brand that is instantly recognizable to potential customers across every digital (and traditional) medium. A defined brand has the power to personally relate to, interact with and build trust with customers. Once you create and define a solid brand identity, you should be able to continually build on its foundation.

Only a reported 27% of brands are properly creating and utilizing the visual assets necessary to make an impact in their digital marketing. With visual content consumption increasing every day, there is nothing more imperative to your brand than improving the quality of your digital marketing.

Is your brand identity, website or digital marketing needing an update, or a complete design overhaul? Let’s talk.

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