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Why Content Marketing Needs To Be a Part of your Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is an extremely useful way for companies to spread awareness, build trust, drive website traffic, obtain leads, retain customers, and increase sales. This all-encompassing marketing tactic has witnessed a boom in recent years with the explosive evolution of social media and smartphone use.

Most brands, whether they’re well-known corporations or growing startups, employ some form of content marketing to spread the word about their business. Unrestricted by the monetary requirements of paid online advertising, they collectively post numerous videos, infographics, images, and blogs online every hour.

Social Media Presence

Content can reach more than 4x the audience through the use of paid boosts, as well as increase organic results

According to a recent Brandwatch report, around 76% of B2B brands sustain a social media presence, and those accounts are surprisingly popular in terms of engagement and follower numbers. With a targeted audience keenly awaiting their latest posts, it’s no surprise that more brands are embracing content marketing as an effective, cost-efficient way to shape and maintain that crucial connection with their potential and actual customers.

Considering this and the reality that competition in most industries continues to intensify as more players enter the arena, there is no better time than now to learn how to influence through quality content marketing.

Quality Content

Quality Video and Photography should be essential to your campaign based on popularity and results.

When creating content, one of the first things to consider is what Google will deem as “high quality content.” The world’s most popular search engine is constantly making efforts to provide the best, most relevant information to everyone conducting an internet search – this means providing more high quality, relevant, accurate and informative content on your website, so it can be found organically through relevant searches.

Whether you’re creating content in a B2B or a B2C environment, including high quality images/graphics and video as a compliment to an article or stand-alone piece is essential. Visual content is what all audiences have come to expect, and across the board, video is the content they interact with most.

Quality content marketing is built on two pillars: Creation and Promotion. Writing a compelling blog article with a compelling graphic is great, but how and where you promote that blog to get the maximum exposure across all targeted channels makes all the difference. (Unless you want your blog to be like your own personal diary.)

Long Term Gains

Companies should keep in mind that content marketing is a long game. Despite the time and money marketers may put into generating and sharing their content, they don’t expect to see any significant ROI early in their marketing campaign. Maintaining a steady level of effort over an extended period of time, if done well, will pay off in increased exposure, visibility and authority online. It will attract and nurture new customers while keeping existing customers engaged. And as part of a solid, ongoing marketing campaign, it will eventually increase your bottom line.

As an Orlando marketing agency that is featured as a Top B2B Digital Marketing Agency, we create and promote content to increase our clients’ exposure, credibility, and engagement with potential customers. If your company is not including content marketing as part of your marketing strategy, then you may be left behind. Our team can help to create the right content marketing strategy for your business, which may include quality blog articles, video, graphics, social media and paid promotion. Chat with us today to learn more.

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