04 / Oct / 17

Why a blog is so important for your business

For your business, a blog is like a marketing channel that supports your website and business growth. Because let’s face it – competition, both in business and across online channels is increasing every day.

However, all hope is not lost, and you won’t need to spend a fortune because blogs actually provide a way for businesses and companies to promote themselves extremely effectively and for very little cost.

In spite of the emergence of new content formats and features, your blog remains central to effective content marketing. Blogging is the most important aspect of content marketing when it comes to generating organic traffic.

So what are the actual benefits of posting a regular blog article on your website?

Why a blog is so important for your business


The more often you update your site with fresh content, the more opportunities you have to reinforce your SEO and be indexed higher by search engines.

Here's how it works: search engines like Google use algorithm-based web crawlers to index the one-billion websites that exist online today. These crawlers rank the sites based on a number of factors like inbound links, time spent on the site, mobile friendliness, and much more.

Search engines repeatedly crawl your site looking for new content. Even if you don't post new content, search engines will still crawl that page. But if you are posting fresh, quality information regularly, you increase your chances to rank even better the next time your site is crawled. Other factors influencing your SEO pagerank include building a network of inbound links. Getting trustworthy sites to link to your site tells search engines that the information on your site or page is a reliable source for information.

Brand Trust and Integrity

When you’re writing articles for your business, your blogs should typically focus on a subject related to your field. For instance, at PH3, we’re an Orlando marketing agency that specializes a range of services in creative, digital and social, so our blog articles focus on those areas. By sharing your expertise, you can position yourself as an expert and even a thought leader in your industry.

Answering Questions in the Buying Process

Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate information online. And 70% of consumers learn about a company through content rather than ads. Imagine if you have the answers to your target market's questions on your blog. A great blog is one that is designed to answer these questions and lead your readers into your sales funnel in an understated way. In any case, whether it results in a purchase or not, you help people know and understand their choices.

Communicating your Mission

One of the most crucial components of effective branding is a purpose. Connecting with your audience means embracing a distinctive brand perspective that can give your audience something they can connect with on an emotional level.

This is where blogging comes in.

Your blog is a place where you can communicate your brand purpose. This is important because creating a strong brand is a vital part of encouraging customer loyalty. When you communicate a brand purpose that goes beyond what you sell, it helps you stand out from your competition.

If you’re looking to bolster your blog or start from scratch, let’s talk about creating a content marketing plan that will help grow your business. 

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