25 / Jul / 17

The Art and Science of Digital Marketing

The question that business owners and marketers debate on a regular basis is whether digital marketing is more of an art or a science. It’s been discussed a million times by strategists, CEOs, sales teams and everyone in between, and the clear-cut answer is that, yep, it has to be both. They are two sides of the same coin: you need artistic vision and imagination in order to produce captivating content, and you need scientific data and analytics to see what’s working and what’s not, in order to improve your strategy.

Is marketing an art or science?

The Art

The art of digital marketing is the right-brained creativity that makes a brand unique and extraordinary. It’s the words that provoke your emotions, the visuals that catch your eye, the story that endears a brand to you. It’s the blend of stunning design, captivating copywriting and clever execution. Essentially, the art of marketing is what helps to form a brand voice. When you think of Nike, you might think of endurance, commitment, stamina, athletic prowess. Coca-Cola ads inspire feelings of nostalgic Americana, happy summer days with friends, youthfulness, and fun. Successful brands strive to create these types of stories and associations artfully, in a way that feels authentic and makes a lasting emotional impression.

The Science

The science of digital marketing, on the other hand, is all about hard data and analytics – the left-brained side of the equation. It consists of testing campaigns, messaging, colors, fonts, etc. and measuring the results in a very systematic way. The kind of big data and analytics we have access to these days are a goldmine when it comes to figuring out what works, what’s failing and how to best allocate funds across media channels.

The Perfect Combination

Effective digital marketing relies both on logical, data-driven elements as well as the flexibility and emotional connectivity of creative messaging. Combining facts with intuition is what puts the marketing of top brands in a league of their own.

Many components of marketing are unknowable and unpredictable. But on the flip-side, other aspects CAN be measured and calculated. Ignoring one will result in an ineffective marketing echo chamber. A team of content writers and designers who do nothing but produce creative without being informed by results will produce irrelevant messaging, and a team of coders or SEO specialists who only analyze data and make things “work” with no concern for human connection will produce noise.

True marketing triumph comes from the marriage of art and science, intuition and facts. As an Orlando marketing agency, we know the importance of both in the world of digital marketing. Our creative campaigns and digital marketing initiatives are not just built on good data, they are informed by our interactions with real, live people. If your marketing seems off-balance and it’s simply not generating the best results—give us a shout. We are even recognized as a top Florida Digital Marketing Agency on DesignRush.

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