05 / Jul / 17

Social Media Marketing Is Important For Any Business

If you know anything about modern day marketing, then you should know social media is critical. Social media marketing has leveled the playing field for marketers in companies of all sizes, including our Orlando marketing agency.

Direct Connection with Consumers


When done right, social media offers a direct connection with your consumers and insight into their needs, their context, and their attitudes towards your (and your competitor's) brand. When done poorly, it's amazing the monumental headaches 140 characters can produce.

Even if you have a social media account specifically for marketing your business, you may not be getting the most out of it. Of course, sharing recent blog posts, posting pictures and providing updates are important, but the most effective social media accounts go beyond all that. Your social media pages need to be more than just advertisements. The point of your presence on social media is to be social, so if you aren’t actively engaging with your target audience, then you’re missing out on developing potential customers who could refer you to their own social network of friends.

Social Media vs. Traditional Marketing

Using social media to reach your consumers is no longer an option. Traditional marketing through print ads, direct mail, outdoor, events, etc. may have worked on its own in the past, but in the new marketing landscape, you may as well not exist if you don’t have a presence in the digital social world. And in most cases, your digital and social spending will have a much farther and more targeted (and trackable) reach than in offline media.


Here are a few reasons why Social is a leading marketing vehicle:

  • 2/3 of U.S adults get their news from social media.
  • 90% of Twitter users rely on the network for breaking news.
  • Instagram is the new “magazine” with 100 million photos posted a day and billions of views.
  • People are using social media to watch TV, connect with friends and family, research purchases, and shop.
  • 74% of consumers rely on social media for more information or reviews about the products/services they want to purchase.
  • 71% of consumers have an improved perception of brands when they see positive reviews on social media.
  • 50% of consumers made a purchase based on a recommendation made on social media.
  • Social media pages generally rank higher than websites in search engine results

As an Orlando marketing agency that specializes in the digital and social realm, we create and implement social campaigns that are customized according to your business needs and budget. We develop content for both organic posts and social ads across social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media marketing done right is essential to your company’s success now and in the future, so let’s talk about how you can use social to engage with an audience you didn’t know existed.

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