01 / Dec / 14

Romotovski Poster Series Casts the Brewery Vision

Just in time for the holiday season, the PH3 creative team has completed their work on a set of 6 original pieces of art for Romotovski, the brand name of our own hand-crafted brew. Each piece has been custom printed on framed canvas and represents one year of brewing, starting in 2009 when PH3 founder Rick Romot was given a second-hand homebrew kit by a friend. That year the first Romotovski brew was born, and at Christmas, our clients enjoyed their first taste of homebrew (each received a bottle of Romotovski Porter 2009). Beyond brewing for family and friends to enjoy year-round, our clients anticipate a special delivery of a new custom brew each year around Christmastime.

Why do we do all this brewing? Our vision is to launch a commercial nano-brewery where small, custom batches are created and branded for individual organizations, residential communities or even families, weaving in each group's unique history, culture and tastes to craft a one-of-a-kind brew. Call us crazy, but we think having your own hand-crafted beer created and branded just for your family blows away the family reunion t-shirts that Aunt Sue wants everyone to wear.

Coming soon...the reveal on this year's Christmas brew. We think it's a little nutty!


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