27 / Aug / 15

PH3 Rebrands Training Course, Numbers Go Through the Roof

The Jobs Partnership is a Florida-based non-profit organization whose focus is building a healthy workforce through the transformation of the chronically underemployed, by elevating their workplace attitudes and enhancing their employability. JP's Life & Work program is the centerpiece and core ministry, producing people that are highly employable if they successfully complete the 12-week program. When Jobs Partnership came to PH3 for help, the greatest challenge they faced was not only finding and attracting candidates that meet their criteria, but those who would be motivated to join and complete the program. 

As part of the development of a Marketing Communications Strategy and Plan, PH3 recommended a brand structure and color scheme to further organize messaging to Jobs Partnership's various audiences. In addition, we recommended making a slight, but significant change to the Life & Work name to reflect some key improvements that Jobs Partnership made to its curriculum and structure. The new name? LifeWorks Training.

The LifeWorks Training brand was then developed, first with a new logo. Next, PH3 created a new creative campaign for LifeWorks Training to meet the client's goal of attracting enrollment year-round, to fill its growing number of Central Florida locations and in the future, to add franchised locations in Central Florida and beyond. 

The results? To date, Jobs Partnership has more qualified applicants than at any other time in their 16-year history, and they keep pouring in. We are excited for the new applicants, and for Jobs Partnership's success this year. 


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