16 / May / 17

PH3 Creates Campaign, Draws Crowds for Orlando Dance Performance on Easter Weekend

Prodigal Dance Performance

We love the Orlando performing arts scene and are always grateful to develop marketing campaigns for Northwest Dance Company, a local not-for-profit who produces inspiring live dance performance experiences that are creatively on par with the likes of Cirque D’Soleil and whose dance quality rivals shows on and off Broadway. The shows are always open to the general public and are free admission.

The latest show, Prodigal, is a new, original dance performance that combines contemporary and jazz dance styles, video vignettes, unique props, an aerial element, and popular music. Former principal dancer of Orlando Ballet, David Kiyak, plays the lead role of the Prodigal Son in this parable of how the extravagant love of a father can overcome the most hopeless of circumstances. Not to be overlooked, we must mention a mysteriously shrouded character played by Northwest Dance Company Director Sarah Swindell, whose stellar performance electrified audiences and brought the show to the next level.

PH3 created a Sin City-esque concept for Prodigal that didn’t stop with the marketing campaign, but also influenced the design of the show itself. Our team designed the backdrops and make prop recommendations as well. We created character vignettes for each of the main characters, then launched a social media campaign that introduced the characters and included behind-the-scenes clips to promote the Easter weekend performance, which had 3 show times that attracted more than 1500 attendees.

Prodigal was such an enormous success that Northwest Dance Company plans to feature the show (with some possible added elements) during Easter weekend again next year. For more info on Northwest Dance Studio and the Northwest Dance Company performances, visit nwdanceorlando.com

The Father
The Brother
The Son

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