04 / Apr / 17

Marketing Your Brewery: 3 Key Questions

Branding and marketing plays a massive role in the success of any small and independent brewery, and involves many different resources. Irrespective of whether you are brand new and still getting your sea legs or a recognized craft brewer, you have to center on standing out. Over the next few blog articles, we will outline what is essentially needed for you to be ‘seen’. Let’s start by asking yourself these three key questions:

1. Do we have consistent branding?

Branding basically means crafting (pun) a unique image for a product using a consistent theme. When I look at successful breweries, I see their branding shown across several communication mediums: visual, verbal and written. From logos to website copy to the way staff talk about the beer, your brewery should be presented in a clear, concise and consistent way. Whenever a potential customer immediately identifies your brand, you’re on the right track.

2. Who are we?

Tied in with the success of consistent and successful branding is your brewery’s personality. Ask yourself: How do my staff and patrons explain what my brewery is about? One way breweries summarize their identity is via a tagline, which should be memorable.

3. Are we creating a buzz with our brand?

Creating a buzz (metaphorically, of course) gets people talking about your brand and sharing all the cool stuff your brewery is doing. This can be done through a variety of mediums, such as social media posts or press releases.

PH3 poster series showcasing history and brand consistency
PH3 poster series showcasing history

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