13 / Jun / 17

Is Your Website a Lean, Mean Lead-Generating Machine?

Your website is the most important tool you have for turning prospects into customers. As an Orlando marketing agency, we know the importance of creating a solid, lead-generating website that accomplishes both branding and direct response.

There are plenty of ways to increase the number of people visiting your site, but unless you convert these visitors into leads, you’re throwing your marketing dollars into a black hole.

Your website should gently lead potential customers through a series of steps: Awareness, Interest, Trust, and then Action. That’s a definitive “conversion funnel.” Notice how these pages align with steps in the funnel:

A. Blog Post: attracts targeted visitors with beneficial information (awareness)
B. Home Page: briefly establishes who you are and why should your target audience care? (interest)
C. Products or Services Page: explains what you provide to help your audience accomplish their goals (interest, trust)
D. About Page: explains how and why you do what you do (trust)
E. Contact Page: provides a simple way to get in touch (action)
F. Thank You Page: they’ve completed the funnel and are now a lead (conversion)

This only works if each page in the process is built for the purpose. Each page needs a set of elements that keeps the process moving.

Here are five basic aspects of a Lead-Generating Website:

1. Usability.
Usability has grown in importance as website users gain more experience in the digital world - to say nothing of millennials who are digital natives and, consciously or unconsciously, experts of website usability. Whereas ten years ago interested users may have put up with basic websites, today they will simply move on to a more welcoming one and do business there.

2. Mobile.
Mobile optimization has vastly grown in importance for two reasons. Firstly, from a user standpoint, mobile access now exceeds desktop access, and the gap is increasing at a rapid rate. Secondly, Google is shifting its emphasis to mobile-friendly content (meaning, it will favor mobile content over desktop-oriented content.

3. SEO.
SEO is a lead generation essential for almost every company. Very few brands are so powerful that they can afford to ignore billions of searchers who use Google and other major search engines on a daily basis to find products and services.

4. Content.
Content truly is king when it comes to your website. No matter how slick the design and usability is of your website, at some point an interested visitor is going to read something to either convince them to submit an inquiry...or not. Companies that rely on in-house non-professional copywriters may succeed in creating content that scores an occasional conversion, but will never be able to maintain a consistent output of strategic, creative and quality content that attracts a consistent flow of high-quality sales leads.

5. USP.
Every business should have a USP or Unique Selling Point that is clearly articulated throughout its website. Take PH3 for example. At first glance, you might think our USP is our Brewery. But begin reading through our site and you’ll find that what really sets us apart--our actual USP--is our ability to combine strategy, creativity, digital expertise and a lot of heart to accomplish the goals of our diverse clients. Our brewery is simply a part of our authentic brand story that attracts interest. But we never lose sight of what our clients really want--which is the quality of the work and great results. (And, of course, to celebrate together with a great craft beer when the campaign takes off.)

As an Orlando marketing agency specializing in Creative, Digital and Social, we've had the privilege of working with some amazing companies here in Central Florida, the Caribbean and beyond. So take a look around and let’s have a chat. Maybe you’ll be that next amazing company we work with.

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