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Is Marketing Automation Right for Your Company?

If you’re a marketer, you’ve probably heard of marketing automation. We’re going to bet though, that 90% of marketers no clue what the term means—yet. “Marketing automation” is a mouthful to say, and perhaps there could be a better term to describe the concept.

Is Marketing Automation Right for Your Company?

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a software platform that streamlines, automates, and measures marketing activities and workflows. This allows you to be more efficient, increase revenue and essentially grow.

That’s the simple definition. But, what workflows are we talking about? Here are some of the things marketing automation allows you to do more effectively:

  • Email marketing
  • Landing page creation
  • Lead generation
  • Cross-sell and upsell
  • Customer Retention
  • Measuring ROI
  • Website personalization

According to recent findings, up to 45% of activities performed by paid professionals can be automated. This consists mostly of repetitive activities such as sending remarketing emails, segmenting new leads, and generating ROI reports.

What Marketing Automation Isn’t

There are some marketing automation myths going around out there that need to be put to rest. Firstly, it’s not a tool for sending out spam, and it definitely doesn’t replace your marketing team and/or hiring an experienced Orlando marketing agency (such as yours truly). Marketing automation platforms empower your team by allowing you to be more efficient and effective with incoming sales leads. Marketing automation doesn’t create campaigns for you, but the technology does enable you to scale your marketing processes in a justifiable way.

The Benefits of Marketing Automation

Some reasons why a company would adopt marketing automation include:

  • Saves time – multiple campaigns can be scheduled in advance and released as per your own settings, therefore working hours can be applied to other activities.
  • Efficiency – it provides an efficient automatic alternative to traditionally manual processes. Time and labor can be reduced, therefore costs are reduced too.
  • CRM integration – it can help to ensure that leads don’t vanish after a couple of unsuccessful contacts.
  • Data collection – automatic marketing offers a touch-point to customers that aren't necessarily sales-driven. It can help provide enhanced insight and be used to collect specific data to improve future campaigns.
  • Multichannel management – whereas it was possibly easy enough to manage a solitary email channel, now thanks to the several channels that consumers can be found on, it’s getting more difficult and harder to keep track of them all. Marketing automation can help you keep tabs on those channels.
  • Consistency – Combining all your marketing efforts in one process can help keep a cohesive brand voice.
  • Personalization – automation helps tailor the experience to the user, creating a unique and more inviting experience that’s relevant and is more likely lead to conversions.

Why Marketing Automation, and Why Now?

By using marketing automation, you are better able to qualify leads and pass them onto sales, resulting in higher revenue and greater growth. Stop thinking about “pushing out” email blasts, and focus on ways to pull audiences close to your brand. Marketing automation means targeting the right users with the right message at the right time in their buying cycle...then nurturing them until they become loyal and repeat customers.

Marketing automation could be the key to bringing your business to the next level. But just like everything else in marketing, you need to have a cautious approach whenever implementing significant changes in your system.

This can all sound quite daunting and confusing, so if you’re not sure but you’re ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level with automation or any of our other services, let’s talk.

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