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In A Post-Millennial World, Generation Z Rise Up

Generation Z? Who are they? Well, they’re widely recognized as the next consumer powerhouse. Now all 22 years of age or younger, Gen Zers are projected to account for about 40% of all consumers by 2020. (Yep, as in 2 years from now. It’s happening, people.)

Targeting Millennials has been, and still is the focus for any business that wants to delve into the minds of consumers who want more brand engagement, charity-inspired campaigns, and tech-savvy marketing. But, Generation Z are what some call the future of social consumerism. Born in the mid-90s or later, this is the generation that lives and breathes online, where social media, staying connected and up-to-the-micro-moment trends are vital to daily life.

In A Post-Millennial World, Generation Z Rise Up

Gen Z Digital Behavior

Gen Zers update their private social channels (Snapchat, messaging status) more regularly than they do their more public ‘broadcast’ channels, such as Twitter and Facebook. They are switched on to adjusting their privacy settings on each of the apps they use. Three in four only allow location sharing for apps that require it for running, and only 18% would be happy to share their location information with even their favorite brands.

They exert the power of technology in a way no one has before. They were born and raised on touchscreens and YouTube. They’ve never known a world unconnected by the internet. Gen Zers aren’t going to be told what to do–their attention is in prime demand from all directions, and they know it.

Just Grabbing Gen Z’s Attention Isn’t Enough

When it comes to connecting with brands, Gen Z has a highly tuned radar for being sold to, coupled with a limited amount of time and energy to spend judging whether something’s worth their time. As a result, the major challenge for businesses will be to break beyond these filters and engage with the individual in an honest way that proves beneficial and valuable, to both parties. Another fun fact: these Gen Zers are real do-gooders. 60% want their jobs to impact the world and 76% are concerned about humanity's impact on the planet.

Because they’re a socially conscious group, brands need to target Gen Z using a good brand-advocacy strategy. Swayed by both key influencers and reviews, Generation Z can be invaluable if they favor your brand. As campaigners, they are vocal and active and can be significant brand ambassadors that spread the word of a campaign or product. With more being expected from a brand–both in terms of transparency and giving back to society–a good customer experience is imperative. Therefore brands need to be prepared to foster and cultivate online relationships with customers, whether the feedback is positive or negative.

Engaging Gen Z for the Long Haul

As Gen Zers come of age, businesses will have to adapt and learn to communicate in new ways on social media. Messages will need to be tailored, snappy and socially meaningful to effectively engage an audience that’s already starting to rule the market.

Today’s social media trends are bound to change, but companies will benefit for years by keeping up with Gen Z’s social behaviors and speaking their language. Need help getting started? Let’s talk to keep you ahead of this curve ball.

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