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How Secure Are Your Social Media Accounts?

From Fortune 500 companies to small and medium businesses, social media security threats affect us all. Accounts have been hacked, changed, and used to outcry political and anti-corporate messages.

Profiles and followers/likes have been lost, brand images have been tarnished, and even the international stock market took a brief spill as a result of safety matters.

So what’s the solution? Pulling your company off of social media is clearly not an option, as more and more people turn to social networks and use them to follow, discuss about, and buy from their favorite companies and brands. Social media has become vital for business and is anticipated to unlock value in excess of $1.3 trillion in the next few years. Social’s role will continue to develop and surpass more well-known and traditional marketing tools.

How Secure Are Your Social Media Accounts?

Organizations should not skip the benefits of social media due to fear of being victimized by external sources. In reality, most of the above-mentioned security matters were the result of very simple cons and a lack of individual attention: wary emails and websites that staff visited without realizing the risk; passwords being sent via email; inexperienced staff using company social channels. These seemingly minor infractions have resulted in major penalties on brands’ social media, and they could easily have been avoided.

The following guide inspects the most common security challenges related to social media and offers easy solutions to diminish risk within your company.

Educate and Train Staff

It all comes down to education. Make sure your employees are familiar with using social media responsibly, and what your company policies are before they start using those platforms as representatives of your company (on or off the clock).

Consolidate Social Media Channels

In constructing a social organization, a crucial step is to bring all corporate branded social accounts under central management. Start with a view of all the social media accounts within your business to determine branded accounts that are operating outside of your space.

Take the Required Steps to Protect Passwords

The initial step in password security is actually taking the time to build a strong and complex password.

Introduce a Messaging Approval Scheme

There’s an easy way to lessen the possibility of rogue social posts from ever getting sent out from a corporate account: impose an approval procedure.

Be ready for the Worst

Refining your social media security does not mean you can neglect to prepare for a social media catastrophe. Every business should have a precise crisis plan in place in case something goes awry. This means employees should be trained explicitly on how to respond quickly and efficiently in the midst of a crisis.

When utilized correctly, social media can be a powerful marketing tool. But with all strategies, there are risks that can be easily avoided. Your social accounts should be monitored constantly and is often a full-time job in itself. Don’t feel completely confident in handling your social accounts? Let’s talk.

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