02 / May / 17

Episode I: The Rise of Agency + Brewery

Craft Beer Equipment
The Original Brew Crew

It All Started with a Hand-Me-Down Home Brew Kit…

In 2009, we saw Barack Obama inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States, lost a musical legend that was Michael Jackson, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was the year’s highest grossing movie, the world changed with the introduction of 3G networks…and that’s when our PH3 Agency + Brewery story begins.

Rick was a good 7 years into what was then called PH3 Design Inc., when a friend asked him if he wanted his second-hand, incomplete homebrew kit. (Of course he said yes, otherwise we wouldn’t be telling you a brewery story.)

Homebrew Equipment

Over the next 4 or so years, Rick was PH3 Design, Inc. by day and home brewer/husband/dad by night. Seeing as he was already doing branding and creative projects along with the brewing, he started branding his concoctions for fun with the best bottles and labels he could create. Eventually, his home brews were being given out as gifts to clients and friends around Christmas time.

By 2013, Rick’s time was spread pretty thin with the growth of the agency, so, we would usually say ‘lightning struck’, but that’s not epic enough. We pictured him saying, “By the beard of Zeus, I’ve got it!”

capping, cleaning and measuring beer

“I was at a point where I was doing so much with the agency, home brewing and family, I thought why not bring brewing into the agency and really build a culture around it,” Rick recalls. “Already at the time, we were giving the beer as gifts to clients, so it seemed like a natural fit to bring it in. And, of course at that point, craft brewing was really starting to take off.”

So the brewery became a perk..it’s what we do for fun, it’s what we do to foster community, and we enjoy sharing it with our clients. It’s also become a great conversation-starter and relationship-builder.

Stir Plate, CO2 tank and Air Lock

So there you have the story of PH3 Agency + Brewery. And just what does PH3 stand for? Well, that’s a tale for another day...

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