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Our strategy

Since 2008, we’ve served as Windsor’s trusted partner to deliver their private luxury community with tactful strategic consulting, marketing, design, and advertising. Growing their business for both their prospect-facing Windsor Properties Department and their Club Department that provides value to existing residents. For over a decade, we’ve guided their internal processes communications and automated their marketing efforts to reduce their back-office time. Collectively, all efforts account for over 75% of incoming leads.


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Marketing Strategy

Windsor’s refreshed luxury real estate marketing focused on hyper-targeted audiences among an already tiny demographic. The value we delivered to Windsor went beyond digital and print insights to improve their marketing strategy while providing crucial insights on ways to implement the latest best practices. We also introduced new tools like marketing automation and a real estate specific customer relationship manager (CRM) to streamline their in-house operations. To assist them with ongoing support, we received specialized training for the CRM software to serve as their go-to expert.

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Windsor holds its brand standards to the highest degree, which is why we helped position them with a precise Brand Guide to direct the integrity of their internal and external visual communications. We also provided strategic creative support for their marketing presentations and partnered with both their marketing and brokerage departments to create promotional materials to sell more homes.

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Traditional marketing continues to help uphold the strong legacy of Windsor Properties. A regular presence in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Galerie, Veranda, Elle Decor and more reinforce the exclusivity of the Windsor community. The astonishing and consistent execution of these ads spread brand awareness and promote the available properties to their affluent clientele.

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Our communication efforts for Windsor divide into two verticals, Prospect Communications for future residents, and Club communications for existing members and residents. As a result, the streamlined communication process benefits their marketing budget. Our creation of printed materials highlights their properties and club amenities. We’ve also worked with the Members’ Club to craft seasonal newsletters and annual reports to communicate the latest developments at Windsor to existing residents.

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Our hyper-targeted digital advertising positioned Windsor amongst their peers and prospects while gaining an average of 75 or more new email subscribers each month for ongoing marketing communications. Our social strategy alone accounted for the 2nd highest source of website traffic, at 30% of total website traffic, funneled explicitly to property listings. Before our campaigns, social traffic and new subscribers trickled in slowly.

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Gained an average of 75 or more new email subscribers each month

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Email Marketing

In addition to building Windsor’s email list and segmenting their audiences, we helped their teams implement strategic email practices into their marketing. Our ongoing communications uphold brand integrity within inboxes. We also work closely with their Properties Department to promote real estate updates, as well as the Windsor Club department to update residents on the latest announcements, including the Gallery at Windsor, a private art gallery that’s in partnership with the Royal Academy of Arts.

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Website and Support

Over the years, we’ve designed websites and provided technical and content support for both Properties and the Club. We continue to work closely and facilitate any adjustments required for Windsor’s marketing objectives.


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Brand Identity

The Windsor Charity Polo Cup is the signature philanthropic event of the season in Vero Beach held biannually. It’s like a charitable Kentucky Derby at the beach without the bookies. The brand identity for the cause-driven event includes the logo design, icon, and color palette built upon the existing legacy of the Windsor brand. These design components integrate seamlessly within the Umbrella of the Windsor brand. As a result, they provide a timeless and cohesive brand identity for an event that welcomes influential philanthropists and sponsors from around the globe.

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Website Design

Our website design and development established the primary hub for the Windsor Charity Polo Cup. Attendees, sponsors, and advertisers alike visited the site to contribute over $280K in proceeds to the various local and national charitable causes in a single year. The website organized the content to highlight the story behind the event, while prominently featuring the causes.

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Beyond their brand identity, we also created the physical collateral for the Windsor Charity Polo Cup event. For the 1,200 attendees, we created posters, invitations, tickets, schedules, signage, and other supporting printed materials. Our expertise with printed marketing materials ensures unmatched attention to detail to reinforce the luxe look and feel of Windsor.

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