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Strombeck partnered with us to refresh their brand identity and highlight new offerings through strategic communications. The challenge was to evolve their brand beyond a do-it-all CPA firm into the go-to growth gurus for the next generation. Through the creation of a new logo, sub-brands, content assets, and a new website, we established the Strombeck brand as a badass firm for the next generation, guaranteed to grow businesses.


Brand Identity

Strombeck evolved as a business and expanded their scope of services outside the CPA box. They needed a brand that also encapsulated their automation capabilities and future offerings. The “M” in their updated logo does just that by combining elements from their core services together in a clean brand mark. The negative space communicates their ability to spot solutions and opportunities that a business might otherwise overlook. We called it their sixth sense.

Slate Gray
Steel Gray
Stone Gray
Cosmic Sunset
#f7941d // #ec008c
Calm Meadow
#48b865 // #d7df23
Cool Sky
#90d2c1 // #00bbed
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To create different entry points for Strombeck’s core services, we named each sub-brand to best appeal to their target audience. We developed complementary identities and built out the messaging for the trio of their signature services: MVP Automation, Ultimate CPA, and Flexfit CFO.

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We also needed to create a stand-alone brand for a new company under Strombeck called Breadboard. Breadboard is a technology company and idea incubator that develops mobile, web, and automated software solutions. The logo depicts a 3D wireframe cube in the shape of a “B” and is a nod to the breadboards used in developing hardware solutions. The identity reinforces their valuable role in transforming ideas into reality.

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Brand Launch

The launch of a rebrand is as much of an external effort as it is an internal one. When it came time to announce the launch, we walked Strombeck through everything for their clients and stakeholders. The rebrand rollout also enabled them to sell long-term clients on their new services. We went the extra mile with swag that both clients and the team would actually use and conveniently showcase. The leadership team was so jazzed about the new rollout that they requested some branded craft beer swag for themselves—we probably had something to do with that.



The website design harmonized the rebrand front and center. We added a personal touch to the homepage video showing a day in the life at Strombeck’s office, complete with inside humor solidifying their non-typical CPA culture. The email campaigns also received a facelift and layout changes that we designed to increase open rates.

content creation

Content Creation

We overhauled the content to highlight the value of partnering with Strombeck. The site needed to be as compelling as the updated design itself. Our introduction of client success stories also provided a more comprehensive look into what their team of advisers and developers can accomplish.