Case study: Nexgen doas

Engineering the clean air movement into the future for a healthier tomorrow.

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Our strategy

As the new kid on the block, NexGen set out to establish themselves as leaders of innovation within the dedicated outdoor air systems industry. Our branding strategy was all about showcasing their distinctive cornerstone: game-changing, technology-driven solutions that provide fresh, clean air across diverse sectors. The result? A sleek, modern brand identity paired with a website that embraces their trailblazing spirit.


Brand Identity

Taking cues from the cutting-edge technology and functionality of the product, we adapted a minimalist sans-serif typeface that exudes a futuristic vibe. The ‘N’ letters were purposefully modified to create openings that mimic the product's airflow mechanism, allowing fresh air to circulate. This distinctive letter seamlessly transitioned into the brand icon enclosed by a hexagon—a subtle nod to the unit's compact design.

Brand Assets

Each visual element was crafted to deepen the ethos of the brand. A palette of cool, tech-inspired colors infuses trustworthiness and innovation into the
brand's identity. The clever integration of wavy lines dynamically represents the flow of fresh, clean air. Complementing this, the hexagonal pattern highlights the brand's modular approach, showcasing the adaptability and versatility of their air system solutions.



NexGen challenged us to crack the code on managing their vast and intricate representative database. Our solution? A tailor-made rep management system that empowered them to effortlessly input complex territorial details. And the magic didn't stop there; this innovative system not only saved valuable time but elevated the user experience, making the search for representatives a breeze.


The website design embraces a clean and minimalistic style that sets it apart from its competitors. Despite limited photography, we incorporated iconography, bold colors, and dynamic lines to accentuate the brand's visual identity. Given the technical depth of NexGen products, we utilized the power of bullet points, image sliders, and downloadable PDFs to showcase information. This smart approach not only made information easy to access but also a breeze to understand.

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