Case study: Jokerbox

Launching the MacGyver of apple boxes for industry pros.

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Our strategy

Having initially embarked on their product marketing journey solo, Jokerbox soon realized the invaluable advantage of partnering with
us to spearhead their groundbreaking product launch in the consumer market. Their objective was clear: to resonate deeply with film industry experts while showcasing Jokerbox's innovative problem-solving abilities and exceptional organizational prowess. Our uniquely tailored strategy, distinctive branding, and dynamic social advertising campaign not only elevated sales, but ignited conversations across the entire video industry, cementing Jokerbox's position as a game-changer.


Brand Identity

Throughout our brand exploration, we immersed ourselves in Jokerbox’s fundamental ethos: the pursuit of perfection in organization. Guided by the principles of precision and order, we meticulously crafted their visual identity by hand. Our wordmark not only mirrors the product's sleek design but also infuses a sense of sophistication, elevating Jokerbox’s seemingly straightforward appearance and underscoring its unmatched value in the professional gear market.


Social Posting

Leveraging JokerBox's industry experience with a product rooted in genuine demand provided us with a significant advantage in understanding the audience's desires. Recognizing the product’s existing buzz, social media emerged as the obvious choice for capitalizing on this momentum. We uncovered that the target audience yearned for an in-depth exploration of the product's functionality and benefits, enabling us to unveil every intricate detail and cultivate a longing for the product.

Social Advertising

With momentum on our side, we fueled the fire of success. Through strategic ad placements across Facebook and Instagram, we showcased each product iteration through engaging videos and enticing teasers, seamlessly guiding potential buyers to make a purchase. Our social media ads reached over 200,000 people, achieving an impressive average click-through rate of 1.75%. As a result, social media emerged as the leading source of traffic to their website.