Changing lives by changing perceptions of Orthodox Judaism.

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Our strategy

In search of new ways to grow donor support, Jew in the City sought us out as the strategic partner that could deliver quantifiable results while also having a lasting effect on the organization’s future. Our approach? Revitalize their brand to accurately represent their mission and introduce new tactics that would move the needle. Through our efforts, we increased donations, recruited more monthly donors, and established a tried-and-true reporting system for measuring their impact — all of which work to amplify the positive mark they continue to make on the Jewish community.


infographic design


After spearheading so many important initiatives, the non-profit had trouble getting others to understand their impact and support the organization as a whole. Through creative collaboration and discussions, we were able to zero in on their core roles and create 3 sub-brands, or branches, that demystified how they were making a difference. Named Keter, Makom, and Tikun, each branch represents a key area of impact. Driving the point home was a symbolic Venn diagram that visually showed the sub-brands as part of one single organization dedicated to change — Jew in the City.

Brand identity


As an ode to how each branch is united within Jew in the City, we designed icons that resembled 3 perspectives of 1 motif — a crown. Keter, the media arm of JITC, is represented by a direct view of that crown, symbolizing their goal to restore Orthodox Judaism’s good name. Makom’s role in rehabilitating disenfranchised Jews is expressed with a bird’s-eye view of the crown which resembles three people linked together in support. Finally, Tikun’s focus on repairing systemic issues is depicted with the broken underside of the crown held together by two hands. Along with taglines and a cohesive color scheme, we incorporated the branding in all marketing communications to strengthen JITC’s brand positioning and clearly communicate their brand value.

Brand development


social media marketing and advertising


Our expertise made an impact in all areas of Jew in the City’s marketing, from overseeing their transition to a new CRM to creating new email campaigns. The highlight? Enhancing their donor acquisition strategy. Monthly donors became inspirational “Change Makers.” Monthly donations were encouraged by inspiring others to equate them to familiar purchases like a Netflix subscription or cup of coffee. An annual giving month to recruit new Change Makers was established. As a result, monthly donations snowballed each year, consistently increasing the resources JITC needed to do their good work.

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210 %
increase in donations
41 %
increase in donation revenue
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By introducing our system of reporting, we discovered that Jew in the City were impacting over 1M people monthly — a game-changing stat that emphasized the importance and value of their work. To top it off, our regular reports on their social activity, advertising results, and website analytics made it easy to see the impact of our combined efforts. Case in point, our social ads resulted in a 283% increase in reach and a 282% increase in post engagements in just one year — a reflection of our dedication to “Make It Better.”

marketing insights and reporting
marketing insights and reporting
marketing insights and reporting
marketing insights and reporting
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Social ads resulted in a 282% increase in reach and post engagements in just one year