Introducing artisanal 
cold-pressed juice for 
the local connoisseur.

Our strategy

When a husband and wife duo shared their inspiring vision of fostering healing and wellness within the local community through organic cold-pressed juices, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity
to partner with this passionate startup. Embracing the challenge,
we crafted a distinctive brand identity and packaging from scratch, centered on the mission of empowering individuals to lead healthier lives through optimal nutrition. The enthusiastic response from the community surpassed all expectations, fueling their rapid growth to success and the promotion of a healthier and thriving community.


Brand Identity

Our creative strategy revolved around capturing the essence of organic origins and freshness of ingredients within a sleek and modern design aesthetic. We selected black and white as the brand colors, aiming to create a striking contrast that vividly showcases the rich and vibrant hues of the juices. The brand icon blends two classic serif letters, forming a clever shorthand for their name: Grounding Roots. Meanwhile, the juxtaposition of a bold and condensed typeface serves as a visual metaphor for the pressed juicing process.

Brand Collateral

Typography served as a strategic design element within the brand identity, preserving a strong emphasis on the organic and fresh juice ingredients. Subtle lines and shapes were thoughtfully integrated to provide structure and definition without becoming intrusive. Across various collateral pieces, including menus, wayfinding signage, print advertisements, and more, we consistently embraced a monochromatic palette, resulting in a timeless and refined aesthetic.


When it came to designing the packaging, transparency took center stage. With a commitment to honesty about their juice ingredients, we opted for glass containers to showcase the juices vibrant essence and provide a clear glimpse into their wholesome goodness. To keep things simple and let the juice shine,  our label design extended the brand's minimalist aesthetic. The brand icon served as our primary visual focal point, while carefully curated typography and subtle lines contributed an additional layer of elegance and style.

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