Making beer borderless for breweries worldwide.

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Our strategy

The goal? To get more breweries to rent more of their kegs and utilize their services around the world. Our aim is to break down barriers so all breweries can confidently sell more beer anywhere in the world using their signature services. In doing so, we helped transform an emerging B2B keg rental and logistics company into an international beer industry influencer.


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We provided a platform for their customers around the world to place orders in real-time at any time. In doing so, we saved 90% of Global Keg’s time previously spent on backend processes. How? We automated their form submissions and created a more user-friendly website.

Web Design and Development

Saved 90% of back-office time through the use of forms, automation, and notifications

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Content Creation

We made the hard work of writing and organizing content for the website a breeze. Our content marketing strategy improved the way Global Keg communicated their value, developed a devoted following of clientele, and even captured the attention of the beer industry at large.

Web Design and Development


Content Marketing

Content Marketing

It’s more than monthly blog articles and foundational industry best SEO practices. Our content marketing strategy improved the way the world’s #1 keg rental and reverse logistics company was able to communicate value and influence the entire beer industry.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Global Keg rose to the top of the ranks for their targeted keywords with thorough on-site optimization and a tactical off-site strategy that made them very visible across their industry.

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300 %
increase in site traffic through targeted digital campaigns

Search Marketing

To keep relevant traffic pouring into their website, we ran display and PPC ads that contributed to their leads from some of the top beer brands in the world, month over month.

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content marketing strategy

Account Build-Up

Who said a B2B keg rental company couldn’t become a beer industry influencer? Not us. From strategic audience building to a strong campaign development strategy, we put Global Keg on the map and made them apart of the conversation to develop their brand awareness across social platforms.

Social Media Strategy
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followers in the
first 10 months

Posting & Engagement

The name of the game was to be more strategically active when it came to Global Keg's social presence. The more interested parties that learned about their services, the more engaged their audience became. We wanted to highlight their global reach, and there's nothing quite like big (beer) name dropping. Awareness increased, and in turn, so did their lead generation.

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Social Media Marketing Management
Social Media Marketing Agency

1.3 million % increase in social media engagement

Social Advertising

Our hyper-targeted and geo-targeted strategies create ROI positive social media advertising opportunities. We maintained a service-focused approach to communicate the benefits they provided their customers by focusing on solution-based services.

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Planning, Strategy, and Promotion

Global Keg wanted to build brand awareness and acquire more qualified leads outside the shadow of the industry organization putting on the event. We helped them do just that by providing a unique, audience-first, and value‑driven approach in their offerings to attendees at America’s largest craft brewing industry event.

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attendees influenced
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We designed everything from top to bottom, which included a custom, hand-lettered logo for the event. Of course, the addition of a 30-foot giant inflatable keg made Global Keg a beacon amongst the sea of attendees and onlookers.

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In the lead up to the event, we populated Global Keg's feed with feature photos from partnering vendors in attendance including their existing beer clients from around the world. We ran geo-targeted social media advertising to get more registrations. We also recruited industry influencers and went live at the event on Facebook and Instagram.

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lead generation marketing
1,600 +
new contacts collected
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