Catching distinction in a saturated real estate industry.

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Our strategy

Entrusted with rebranding Gilkey Real Estate, we strategically capitalized on their unique strengths of deep market insights and expert interior design know-how, to carve out a niche in the saturated market. Our solution involved a sophisticated branding strategy aimed at attracting high-end clients while highlighting their specialization in residential, land, and commercial real estate. The result was the creation of a one-of-a-kind brand with a compelling narrative, set to stimulate growth and entice both buyers and sellers with higher incomes.


Brand Identity

Steering clear of the typical clichéd house or key symbols often associated with real estate, our focus was on creating a brand symbol that embodies the essence of designer brands while showcasing the distinctive value of working with Gilkey Real Estate. The fish symbolizes numerous opportunities, while the encompassing circle represents expertise in revealing the best opportunities at the right time.

Polo Green
Tucson Teal
Gold Medallion

Brand Collateral

The visual identity was meticulously crafted across all collateral, incorporating custom patterns, rich hues, premium materials, and nuanced details to convey a sense of sophistication reflective of Gilkey Real Estate's high-quality service. Every touchpoint was carefully considered, ensuring it aligns with the customer experience while elegantly showcasing the brand's distinctiveness.



In a saturated market of real estate websites and apps, we crafted a distinctive approach for Gilkey Real Estate's website, seamlessly extending their personalized service into the digital realm. Our focus was firmly set on highlighting their unique selling propositions while ensuring a sophisticated and user-friendly experience.


The minimalist design for the website perfectly mirrors the seamless process of working with Gilkey. By incorporating fluid transitions and thoughtfully curated copy, we strategically guide users through each section with ease. Our design captures the personal connection that people desire when working with realtors, as reflected in the brand elements and style of Gilkey Real Estate.

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