Positioning fresh mex for mainstream appeal in a competitive market.

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Our strategy

After successfully consulting with the owner of a local restaurant on their marketing technology, they recognized the value in partnering with us to establish their new restaurant concept from the ground up. Our objective was to harmonize the authenticity of traditional Mexican street food with the mouthwatering expectations of fast-food tacos. Our concept had to do more than just appeal to the Latino community; it had to have the ability to attract a diverse range of hungry patrons. The result of our efforts was a unique and compelling restaurant brand, strategically positioned for success in a fiercely competitive marketplace.


Name Development

When it came to naming Fogata Street Tacos, we didn't settle for a run-of-the-mill name that would get lost in the taco abyss. The challenge was to deliver a Spanish name that was short, catchy, and easy to pronounce for gringos like us. No pressure, right? Our extensive research led us to the perfect name: Fogata, which means 'wood fire' in Spanish. It perfectly encapsulates the authentic tortilla-making process that sets Fogata apart from the competition. Now that’s something to taco about.

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Brand Identity

Drawing inspiration from the deep roots of Mexican and Mayan culture, we designed a brand identity that boldly showcases Fogata's dedication to delivering authentic Mexican street food. From the fiery hues to the intricate motifs, every aspect of the brand identity captures the vibrancy and energy of the Mexican Taqueria. With a brand that's as fresh and delicious as their tacos, Fogata is sure to stand out in the crowded fast-food market.

iconography development
FIREY Red // #C43205
Smokey MAroon // #59180C
Sunny Orange // #FF8939
CLay Turquoise // #579B8F
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Brand Collateral

With our keen attention to detail and artistic chops, we crafted a range of brand collateral that truly captures the essence of Fogata. From menu layouts and take-out packaging to drink cups and employee uniforms, each component seamlessly aligns with the brand's visual identity. Our mastery of intricate patterns, distinctive iconography, and authentic textures elevates the brand to new heights.

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