Case Study: Eco Convergence Group

Ushering in the future of cleaner than organic and hyper-local produce.

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We partnered with Eco Convergence Group to launch their groundbreaking flagship product, the HyCube. The HyCube is a state-of-the-art hydroponic vertical farm constructed on-site at the Orlando World Center Marriott. We provided Brand Development for their HyTaste and ReFrame sub-brands, Social Media, and Event Management services to bring the HyCube to market. In the afterglow of the event, we’d successfully positioned ECG as the leading provider of high-tech post-organic commercial produce and introduced the freshest, cleanest, and safest veggies and greens to high-volume commercial kitchens.


Brand Development

Brand Identity

We worked with ECG to develop the full brand architecture of their sub-brands. Our client wanted to establish sub-brands to sell the surplus of fresh produce and greens that went unused by Marriott World Center restaurants and market the ingredients to nearby commercial kitchens.

brand identity

We named and developed the messaging around their wholesale B2B produce supply, HyTaste, and their ReFrame travel, spa, and beverage products. We also designed logos for both the HyTaste and ReFrame brands and created the branded assets for their consumer packaged goods (CPG).

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ECG wanted to develop a new consumer line of wellness products exclusively for resorts and hotels. These products included probiotic beverages (ReFrame Fizz), herbal supplements (ReFrame Travel), and an innovative skincare line (ReFrame Beauty). We worked with their product development team to explore different packaging styles to best present each product in the lead up to their launch.

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Social Posting & Engagement

Our primary goal for ECG's social media strategy was to appeal to executive chefs and other relevant stakeholders within the restaurant and hospitality industry to experience the value of the HyCube. We built brand awareness with educational content that helped redefine preconceived notions of local and organic produce while introducing a new origin story for fresh ingredients and future farmers.

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Social Advertising

Our follower campaign and lead generation strategy delivered over 189,347 impressions, 9,700 (unique) engagements, and 2,623 followers in the ramp-up to the launch. The HyTaste lead generation strategy specifically resulted in many potential leads, including their first HyTaste client, a major restaurant located in the center of Orlando tourism.

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Lead generation strategy resulted in first HyTaste client

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Planning & Strategy

The launch of the HyCube at the Orlando Marriott World Center deserved a world-class reveal. PH3 took care of the total management of the event, including the logistics and operations necessary for a smooth and successful event. Simply hosting a ribbon-cutting is one thing, but getting the right audience of decision-makers to show up is the real challenge. VIP attendees included: journalists, investors, industry influencers, and executives from some of the largest hotels around.

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VIP guest, media
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Public Relations

Our PR efforts surrounding the HyCube's premiere resulted in 162 media pickups. PR wins for the event included multiple write-ups from news outlets like the Orlando Sentinel, the Orlando Weekly, and other relevant industry placements in restaurant and foodie publications. We also forged a media partnership between ECG and the Marriott to extend the reach of the HyCube's press coverage with the brand recognition of the fourth largest hotel chain in the world.

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In the lead up to the HyCube’s launch, we prepared a press kit, signage, presentation-ready slide-decks, and created custom press materials that we distributed to the exclusive list of invitees. When it was finally time for the event, we captured photography, videography, and extensive live social coverage. As a result, we were able to stockpile creative assets to use in their ongoing content marketing strategy for the months following the event.

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