Transforming a tropical paradise into nature’s playground.

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Our strategy

We first partnered with Dorado Beach on their previous website to improve their online visibility and establish a digital presence. After accomplishing that, we expanded to Phase 2. The mission? To capitalize on our close working relationship and acquire data to book more residences and sell more real estate. We developed the theme of their campaign from the traveler’s perspective and invited targeted audiences to stay and play in nature’s playground. As a result, we optimized their integrated digital experience to overachieve on their sales objectives.



Dorado Beach is a beautiful resort with a lot to explore, so we wanted to capture the micro-elements of their immersive natural experience within the new site. We worked in scenes of our travel photography curated together with architectural photography to submerge the user into a virtual tropical paradise.

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Creative Graphic Design

One key element of our creative strategy was to tie the user-experience together with decorative natural botanical elements throughout the design of the website. Significant upgrades also included enhanced UI and UX for a complex 50+ page site, which featured a straightforward navigation menu that improved the click-through rate across all the resort’s offerings.

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B2C Marketing

596% increase in conversions after website launch

B2B Marketing

Content Creation

Beachfront photos older than our interns? Not in our house! We gathered and created fresh content on-site to use on their website, including photography and coconut-scented copywriting. We also provided 360° VR tours of the many experiences that Dorado Beach has to offer in an immersive way from the traveler’s perspective.


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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Finding inspiration for our content marketing strategy was a breeze. Who doesn’t already daydream about walking on a silky golden beach with a mojito in tow? Although there’s more to it than you may think. We positioned Dorado Beach as the central hub for exploring the island’s natural wonders and exotic adventures. Critical to the strategy, the ongoing blog articles serve as another point of entry for a wider audience with diverse interests.

Search Marketing

Our search marketing, through the use of Pay Per Click and display ads, continues to drive more than enough leads to keep their bookings at full capacity month over month. It’s no wonder, considering we’ve delivered over 500 ad conversions a month. To put that into perspective, Club Memberships alone delivered a 300% ROI on our services, and that’s not including the countless rooms and residences we’ve helped book each year.

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tropical leaf for theming
Marketing Strategy for B2B

Over 500 ad conversions a month across all campaigns


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Posting & Engagement

Quality social content doesn’t just magically appear on the horizon like a golden sunrise. While managing the resort’s social platforms, we obtained a 700% increase in engagement from brand advocates on Instagram alone. We also built accounts from the ground up for the resort’s restaurants, which continue to drive increased foot traffic among new customers from around the world.

In the span of 1.5 years we achieved

5 x
the followers
2 x
the impressions
4 x
the engagement
39 x
the website traffic
Social Media Marketing Agency

Social Advertising

Our social advertising efforts focused on driving more highly qualified leads to their club memberships, package promotions, and bookings. In a little more than a year, we achieved 5x the amount of followers, 2x the amount of impressions, 4x the engagements, and 39x the amount of website traffic compared to previous efforts.

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