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Our strategy

After observing our tremendous success with their Resort & Club, Dorado Beach knew we were the perfect partner to elevate their digital marketing efforts. That’s why they selected us to work on their next venture: grow their Real Estate prospects with a holistic digital marketing strategy across all channels. With a custom-tailored action plan, we increased their visibility, brought in more leads, and optimized their marketing processes for the future. Collectively, our marketing efforts account for 40% of website leads, with 52% of all entrance points being Dorado Beach’s real estate pages.


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Social Strategy

Offering a lavish lifestyle, wellness amenities, and stunning residences, Dorado Beach was ready to get more eyes on their real estate offerings. To achieve that, we crafted a social media strategy for increasing brand awareness, growing their audience, and driving web traffic to their listings. Through hashtag research, consistent visual branding, and more, we showcased Dorado Beach Real Estate as the gold standard of luxury living.

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Social Posting

Each Dorado Beach residence is an unforgettable slice of tropical heaven on earth — and we were determined to express that on social. With vibrant photos that transport you straight to paradise and captions that match the resort’s sophistication, every social post was designed to stand out in the scroll. In just two years, we nearly tripled Dorado Beach Real Estate’s followers and increased their reach by a whopping 1066% on Instagram alone.

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luxury real estate digital advertising

1066% increase in reach on Instagram within two years

Social Advertising

Targeting limitations for the real estate industry on social media meant that we had to get extra creative with our social advertising campaigns. By regularly optimizing our strategies and tactics, we secured meaningful results with Dorado Beach’s social ads, including increasing reach, growing their social audience, and driving over 1,000 prospects to their listings each month.

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tropical leaf for theming
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Social ads drove over 1,000 prospects to their listings each month


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Email Marketing

We brought their email marketing up to its full potential by creating over eight mobile-friendly and conversion-focused email templates that fit the Dorado Beach brand to a T. We also employed email automations and tactics, saving time and effort while improving their marketing insights and communications. Plus, it didn’t hurt that we increased open rates to 3x the industry average, click-through rates to 2x the industry average, and grew their email audience by 66% through website signups and social advertising.

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Search Advertising

Our Google display and search ads for Dorado Beach Real Estate made a splash online, earning campaign click-through rates that were 4% higher than the industry average. The ads have also garnered over 10 million impressions within just two years. We scored these wins in spite of numerous limitations for targeting in the real estate industry — a testament to our ability to always rise to the challenge.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To pack the biggest SEO punch, we focused our strategy on both on-site and off-site optimizations. The goal? Increase brand awareness while also driving the most qualified prospects to their listings. With Dorado Beach ranking on the first page for more than 20 keywords and organic search accounting for 40% of all incoming web traffic, we’d say our efforts definitely paid off.

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Our marketing efforts collectively account for 40% of website leads

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