The Power of + Brewery: How Being Different Leads to Exponential Growth

The Power of + Brewery: How Being Different Leads to Exponential Growth

What makes your brand special? What about your business is totally unique and unlike anyone else in the industry?

If those questions make you a little nervous, don’t feel too bad. You’re definitely not alone. Figuring out how to stand out among competitors is a challenge that all brands are familiar with. It’s also one that not many have conquered. Truly unique businesses are few and far between — but they don’t have to be. Sometimes, all a brand needs is the addition of a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for them to become one of a kind.

That’s certainly been true for PH3 since we’ve added the “+ Brewery” to our name. What started as a humble love for craft beer grew to become the special element that’s made us instantly stand out above the crowd. In turn, we’ve expanded that approach in our work with our clients, encouraging them to think outside the box and find out what makes them special.

Like a recipe that can be crafted to individual tastes, your brand can discover its own unique ingredient that draws audiences in. Without a doubt, the benefits of doing so are plenty. From fostering a one-of-a-kind company culture to having that perfect conversation starter in your back pocket, here’s how adding your own version of “+ Brewery” can transform your business.

A Company Culture That Sets You Up For Success

If the heart of every great business is the people that make it all possible, then a healthy company culture is what keeps that heart pumping. According to research by McKinsey & Company, culture positively correlates with performance, enabling “competitive advantage to sustain and grow over time.”

PH3 officially added the “+ Brewery” to the Agency in 2013, but our culture had been transforming since 2009 when our founder, Rick, first brought his brewing equipment in. Rolling our sleeves up, we came together as a family for the joy of crafting and enjoying our own beer.

It also became an opportunity for us to flex a different creative muscle, lending us inspiration for new and better ideas for our digital and social marketing. If we do say so ourselves, there’s no better way to get your creative juices flowing than stepping into the vibes of our in-brewery conference room and sampling a taste of our latest creation.

Creative Agency and Brewery

Today, craft beer is a staple of our company culture. Brewery tours and beer tastings are regular occurrences that strengthen our bond as a team. We celebrate with our clients, friends, and family every holiday season with a new bottle that’s specially made for them, while individual team members get in on the fun after their 1-year anniversary when they get to craft their own “perfect” beer that’s named and branded to their liking.

All in all, the addition of “+ Brewery” not only strengthens our sense of community but attracts the kind of like-minded talent that makes us thrive and succeed. Similarly, your own special offering can transform your company culture for the better, making it distinct and inviting. After all, products and business models may be easy to copy, but culture isn’t. And when your company culture can simultaneously bring together top talents and encourage greater performance? We’ll cheers to that any day.

Eye-Catching Visibility

Of course, the advantages of adding a one-of-a-kind element to your business extend to the realm of customers too. Doing what no one else does will make you stand out and catch the much-desired attention of your audience. It gives you a unique theme to root your marketing message in and allows you to tell your story in a way that inspires others to be a part of your journey.

While it may be tempting to follow the well-trodden path, taking the road less traveled is almost always more rewarding. As far as we know, we're the only Agency + Brewery nationwide — maybe even in the world. In other words, we stand out! This boosted visibility directly translates to business results, with potential clients encouraged to pick us out of the list when finding a new agency to work with.

Every brand should have a story to tell. Your own “+ Brewery” will be a memorable, stand-out element that your company can get behind both internally and externally. Just as we’ve done for ourselves, our team of tastemakers at PH3 can help you find your own winning recipe. No worries if adding a brewery isn’t your brand’s, well, cup of tea. We specialize in custom-tailored approaches and will work with you to uncover and highlight the unique ingredient that is sure to catch the eyes of your audience.

The Conversation Starter That Gets Them Hooked

Beyond improving the visibility of our agency, our brewery also helps move the discussion forward into more purposeful topics. It’s not a clickbait-esque gimmick, but a relevant theme that genuinely affects and improves how we operate. Our blending of two seemingly unrelated topics may be the unicorn factor that draws people in, but it’s the meaningful dialogue inspired by our uniqueness that gets them hooked and makes them stay.

In other words, while “+ Brewery” may be the special ingredient that gets curious customers through the doors, its true power is in the way it props up the other elements in our winning recipe. After all, you don’t love a restaurant for its use of a single ingredient, but for how it delivers a top-class meal and experience. Our brewery may be the lure, but the quality of our work and services is what truly blows our clients away.

Beer starts the conversation at a creative agency

Likewise, your own unicorn factor can be a combination of your core offering and an unexpected (yet complementary) cultural or lifestyle interest. The sky’s the limit here! Getting creative with your pairing is what will set you apart from the competition and give you that first opportunity to connect with your customers. From there, the conversation can dive into how that one-of-a-kind blend boosts the quality of your core offering and why you’re the perfect brand for them.

Whether these conversations are jump started by a love of craft beer like us or stem from your business’ own game-changing approach, having that special element is undoubtedly a powerful introduction to your brand’s strengths.

Personality Attracts

Finally, one of the greatest things about adding the Brewery to the Agency is that it gives us a chance to be our authentic selves and express our personalities. This not only encourages a healthy work culture but also attracts the kind of partners that want to work with us because of who we are, not in spite of it.

Personality is a powerful attractor. It’s how we pick out the ones we’d want to crack open a cold one with from those we’d rather avoid. The distinct personality of our agency, for instance, draws in those who are a good fit and lets us be selective with who we want to work with.

That’s the beauty of having a brand personality. It humanizes your brand, encouraging others to identify and form a more meaningful connection with it. Imbuing your brand with a unique and memorable personality draws people in and allows you to form deeper, more synergistic relationships with customers, coworkers, and more.

The sooner your brand embraces what makes it special, the sooner you can start reaping the rewards of standing out.

Become the Unicorn of Your Industry

Standing out with our own unique offering, our experience has allowed us to successfully help others find their own version of “+ Brewery.” We’d love the opportunity to do it for you as well.

Partner with us and we’ll uncover and highlight what makes you one-of-a-kind. We’ll start with learning detailed insights about your brand before custom-tailoring strategies and actions for your unique situation. Before you know it, we’ll be on top of a pyramid of results that’ll have us both raising our glasses.

So, ready for something different? Let’s talk.