PH3’s Craft Brewery Tour: Dead Lizard Brewing Company

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Now, we know what you’re thinking. Dead Lizards? Must be a witchcraft brewery. Halloween ended not too long ago so you get a pass, but there aren’t any Newt-Eye-PAs here. Just the familiar IPA, and Imperial styles that any hophead is sure to enjoy, plus a variety of other tasty brews. Dead Lizard Brewing Company (DLBC) is a family-owned brewery and an Orlando hideaway for people on the hunt for beers with bold flavors, and names as unique as the taproom itself.

Escape Into Central FL’s Most Eclectic Brewery

The vibe of Dead Lizard sets the tone for a casual retreat from the hustle of your day-to-day. Dead Lizard is an eclectic hideaway situated just a few minutes southwest of downtown in a quiet industrial park that offers plenty of parking. Make your way into the taproom through the “5 o’clock somewhere”-style patio area, where you can peer behind the scenes into the operation. First things first, get yourself that beer. There’s a variety of styles so there’s something for everyone...even the folks who aren’t huge hopheads.

There’s no shortage of things to do at Dead Lizard either. You can sink into one of the leather couches with some complimentary popcorn to watch one of your favorite classic movies. (The Rock with Nicolas Cage and Deep Blue Sea were on during our stay and the combo of the two movies was life-changing.) You can also pull up a chair with your favorite board game, or enjoy a game of cornhole out front. No matter what you do, DLBC is the perfect spot to relax and take it easy.

Between the Seussical flowers hanging from up above and the rotation of local artwork on the walls, the décor is unique. Dead Lizard also welcomes local artists to contribute to the atmosphere with acoustic open mics and fire throwers. And happily, a plethora of food trucks serve up everything from smoked meats, to vegan tacos, and gourmet desserts.

A Family That Brews Together

Dead Lizard Brewing Company was born out of a family’s love for brewing together. Richard Dine has been brewing for over 25 years with his dad and brother. During the Dines’ time of perfecting recipes with beer-loving friends and family, they established a rotation of homebrew recipes that have gone from family favorites to locally famous. The Dine family also owns an Artesian Hop farm that supplies Dead Lizard with fresh hops for their beer.

Richard and his wife, Storm, opened Dead Lizard in August 2016 to respond to the demand for Dines’ beers, which was quickly outgrowing their homebrew operation. They had a hand in every aspect of the brewery as well, including the creation of the unmistakable name and logo. In case you’re wondering, Dead Lizard was born out of a reflective moment of “zen” after Richard came across a couple of mummified lizards curled up in a Ying-Yang symbol one day after completing yard work. DLBC’s origin story goes to show that inspiration, like a great beer, is waiting to be found where you least expect it.

PH3 Top Brews

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Our top 3 brew picks were well worth the mini adventure around the industrial park location to find Dead Lizard. In fact, we think they’re some of the most refreshing and bold flavors in the area. (All of the 13+ beers on tap are incredibly drinkable, delicious, and deceptively strong.) So settle in, get comfortable during your visit and be sure to check out our top brews:

Trippy Pippy’s Red Dread Ale // Red Ale, 7.9% ABV
PH3’s founder and creative director Rick is admittedly not a big fan of red ales. This beer, however, is an easy exception. Its bold and blended taste also makes it a Dine family favorite. Smooth and malty on the backend, this brew embodies a solid profile of hops to win over IPA drinkers who want to venture beyond the pines and into the amber waves of ale.

Komodo “KoKo” Dragon Chocolate Stout // Sweet Milk Stout, 8.5% ABV
If you’re a fan of sweet stouts this cocoa forward brew is the way to go. The full body is slightly on the heavier side, but it’s an incredibly smooth, tasty and drinkable beer that drinks light and with a roasted touch.

Humpity Pumpity, Double IPA // Imperial Double, 8.7% ABV
This West Coast style IPA has a maltiness and medium body that superbly balances the piney, bold aroma with hints of caramel sweetness. Its golden ale roots are much more complex and welcoming than the name may lead on. Humpity Pumpity was the unanimous choice for our favorite IPA at DLBC, and quite possibly the smoothest brew with 163 International Bittering Units (IBUs).

The emphasis at Dead Lizard Brewing is family-owned, operated and community-focused—two qualities that we value here at PH3. These values put people and their experiences first, promoting a two-way partnership to develop a good thing into a great thing. Discover more people-first creative work and look out for our next brewery tour visit by following us on social!