Ignite Your Faith-Based Nonprofit Through the Power of Words

Ignite Your Faith-Based Nonprofit Through the Power of Words

Made up of passionate changemakers and service-oriented professionals, faith-based nonprofits like yours are no strangers to the importance of making an impact. Dedicated to a cause greater than yourself, the initiatives and programs you spearhead make a difference in this world.

Now, what if we told you that the right use of words can be the key ingredient to igniting change? That taking the time to establish your organization’s voice and thoughtfully craft your copy can rally support from your audience? Your nonprofit should be memorable and recognizable. A solid and distinct voice is essential to making that happen.

Why Every Nonprofit Needs a Strong Brand Voice

1.8 million. That’s the approximate number of nonprofits in the U.S. While it’s a relief to know that there are so many organizations out there doing good, the sheer number of nonprofits can be overwhelming.

At any given time, countless organizations are vying for the attention of volunteers, donors, and supporters. On top of that, for-profit brands are blasting ads out left and right, creating a tornado of messaging constantly competing for attention.

As much as someone may want to support meaningful causes, the process of finding the right nonprofit to support can be a maze of monotonous messaging. Too many organizations talk the same way and ask for the same things, focusing more on requesting help than giving people a compelling reason to support. If you really want to stand out to your audience, your nonprofit needs to speak to them on a deeper level — on a human level.

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Enter: the power of brand personalities and voices. Establishing a personality and voice for your nonprofit is all about humanizing it in a way that attracts others to you. It turns you from a generic organization to a relatable team of real people uniquely positioned to make a difference in a way no one else can. It’s what keeps you from fading into the background, allowing your audience to pick you out as the entity that glows with color amongst a blur of black and white.

Similar to people, brand personalities can be expressed in a number of ways, from the organization’s visuals to the actions that it takes. Voice — the unique way one communicates — is certainly another key element of expression, making copywriting one of the driving forces behind an organization’s ability to stand out.

Undoubtedly, having a strong voice lets you be heard above the noise. But what does this actually mean when it comes to copywriting?

Organizations that have strong, distinct voices write copy that fits their personality and appeals to their audience. They deliberately pick certain terms and phrases over others based on the specific effect that each word has. They do all of this so well that their target audience recognizes them as a kindred spirit and becomes compelled to spread the word about the organization to others..

Still not convinced? Here are three core goals that powerful copywriting can do for your organization.

1) Attract More People to Your Cause

You can tell a lot from the way someone talks. From the lingo they use to the way they approach certain topics, these characteristics signal the kind of person they are, giving others an opportunity to decide whether or not they want to engage with a particular personality.

It’s the same for your own faith-based nonprofit. The voice that you broadcast to people acts as a special magnet, attracting passionate supporters while repelling those who aren’t concerned with your vision.

So, how do you develop your organization’s unique voice? Through writing! Copywriting is how you develop the language that bests expresses your organization, the language that resonates with your target audience. Each word that your audience encounters, whether it’s through your website, emails, or videos, should be thoughtfully handpicked to appeal to your ideal supporter.

Northwest Church, who we’ve worked closely with for over a decade, is a great example of an organization with a strong and distinct voice. Knowing exactly who their target audience is and what their vision for the future entails, the church’s writing style is one that embraces the youthful imagination and bright-eyed excitement of the next generation.

As a creative agency with a successful track record of working with faith-based nonprofits, PH3 can help you establish that one-of-a-kind voice that attracts your desired audience right to you. Work with us and unleash your organization’s full potential.

2) Clearly Communicate Your Vision and Mission

Copywriting is also the unsung hero behind your supporters being able to understand and champion all that you do.

As a faith-based nonprofit, it’s probably quite challenging to communicate your vision and mission in a way that’s short and sweet. No doubt, you do a lot of good but making sure your audience knows all about it is essential to getting others to join and support.

A big priority when we worked with Jew in the City was communicating why their audience should donate to the organization. Branding and copywriting fueled the solution, which was to create three sub-brands (referred to as “branches”) that represented a different aspect of their mission to change negative perceptions of religious Jews and make Orthodox Judaism known and accessible.

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The nonprofit smartly selected the Hebrew words Keter, Makom, and Tikun as the names of each branch, a move that not only spoke directly to its audience of Jews but made it easier for them to identify why they should support the organization.

The advantages of clear and distinct copywriting don’t stop there. When the language you use to describe your mission is memorable, your supporters can then become your fervent advocates. Equip them with the right words and they’ll share your story the way it was meant to be told.

3) Rally Up Support and Encourage Donations

Finally, the way your faith-based nonprofit crafts its messages can impact your audience’s passion for your cause. Just like how a powerful speech can rally everyone together toward a common goal, copywriting can be used to fuel your nonprofit’s initiatives by calling upon your supporters to get involved or donate funds.

Never underestimate the effect that your copy can have on your audience. Even the most minor change in verbiage can sway how people perceive your organization and influence their decisions.

One great example of how even a small change in wording can boost an organization’s impact is our work with The Lovely Project, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering young girls through peer mentorship, engaging curriculum, and interactive fun-filled events.

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To encourage donations, we changed how donors were addressed. By calling them “Champions” of certain people or events, supporters gain more insight into where their donations were going while also getting that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing exactly how they’re making a difference. In other words, they’re not just a nameless donor but a champion of a Lovely Mentor, Lovely Group, Lovely School, and so on.

Our work with The Lovely Project also included revamped creative, a brand element that amplifies the effect of powerful copy even more. That’s one of the awesome benefits of working with a creative agency. We take a holistic approach, ensuring that the brand voice we help you develop is also backed by creative design that drives your point home. Why? Because when effective writing is combined with visual content that aligns with your brand voice and personality, the cohesive package becomes irresistible.

Making The World Better, Together

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