3 Quick Ways to Build Trust & Credibility on Your Website

3 Quick Ways to Build Trust & Credibility on Your Website

One of the most significant challenges facing traditional business management consulting firms is the competition from the Big Four. These conglomerates account for roughly 40% of the industry’s $150 billion. A boutique consulting firm may not have the resources of these more prominent firms whose profits are driven by a sea of data, but they have a personalized approach that can achieve meaningful and lasting results for their clientele.

Successful private consulting firms like RVR are notorious for their focus on developing and maintaining professional relationships. Standing out among the consulting goliaths takes a personalized approach. Still, the barrier of entry for the majority of boutique firms is credibility because, in comparison, companies like RVR naturally don’t have the same level of brand awareness as the global consulting firms.

Indeed, there are reasons for firms to hold back details on their “secret sauce,” but for a service like consulting; sharing your firm's results and outlining how those results are obtained helps develop trust. In short, the more that a business like RVR can improve their earned, presumed, and surface credibility, the more effective they’ll be in getting customers to buy-in to their brand.

Now, what if there was a workaround to make a stronger impression than a Big Four firm with 3 simple steps for your business’s digital marketing?

Brand Background

  • Business: RVR Consulting Team
  • Industry: Business Services
  • Audience: Small to medium sized business owners across the US, executives, upper management, startups, and entrepreneurs
  • Brand Position: RVR provides executive level management solutions for small to midsize companies that are primarily in high growth or turnaround sectors
  • Website: RVRTeam.com
  • Social: @RVRConsulting

1. Testimonials

Trust is paramount for consulting firms. One way to build credibility and qualify your audience in one swoop is by sharing the notable brands and businesses that your company has previously worked with. Call out the results you’ve delivered to your clients and customers in a measurable and quantifiable way.

A banner of logos is a start when it comes to providing social proof. Still, they’re not nearly as valuable for a prospect in their purchasing journey if your business doesn’t share how you achieved those results. Customers may also be skeptical of credibility logos at times because they don’t tell the full story of how that notable business benefited from your services.

A quick solution to bolster trust among potential prospects includes adding testimonials to your website. Get first-hand accounts from influential executives, managers, and board members who your business has helped. Ask them specifically about the ways your business efforts made a positive impact on their business and publish their vetted response on your website.

2. Case Studies

Case studies increase brand awareness and build credibility. In the case of RVR, the majority of their messaging currently centers around their services, capabilities, and the process they follow. This messaging strategy is beneficial, but showcasing the results you’ve achieved for clients in the form of a case study better tells the story of how your business obtains measurable results. When it comes down to it, customers who visit your website want to know what you do and whom you do it for. For RVR Consulting, honing in on their experience with specific industries allows them to speak directly to the challenges of their target audience more precisely. Case studies are one of the best ways any company can communicate what they do well and who they do it for. Not only do case studies provide proof of concept for your business’s services, but they also leverage the brand recognition from your clients.

Potential prospects identify with businesses similar to theirs. Therefore, when you make the industries that your firm specializes in more visible, you’re able to target your perfect prospects better. In a recent article, we shared how updating your marketing strategy to prioritize content marketing can reduce your cost-per-lead by 62%, but what kind of content should you create and how should you deploy your company's digital marketing strategy?

3. Content Marketing

Take note from the Red Hot Chili Peppers when it comes to valuable and insightful content marketing and “give it away now”. It may seem counterintuitive, but giving away content for free is proven to be the most effective content marketing strategy for B2B businesses. Building a content library of free resources grows your audience and brand awareness while communicating your value, boosting brand loyalty, and filtering out the audience that’s not a good fit for your business. Center your content marketing around answering the questions that your target audience is asking and searching about the products and services that your business delivers.

Your prospects research before taking any action. In fact, 51% of B2B buyers rely more on content to research and make B2B purchasing decisions than they did a year ago. Meaning that the more clearly and easily accessible you can make important information, the higher the chance your firm has of landing a new lead.

This “freeconomics” model of content creation can even establish your business as a proven thought-leader within your industry. The likelihood of gaining this level of credibility increases when your company publishes valuable content that’s published periodically and consistently across your digital marketing channels. To top it all off, have a strategy in place to guarantee that your content gets seen. Publish it on your website, share it on social, and put a budget on the post so that it drives traffic among your hyper-targeted audience.

We're Here to Help

We’ve helped strategic B2B businesses in the past stand out with rebrands, creative content creation, refreshed brand identities, a revamped digital presence, and a compelling content marketing strategy. Strombeck Consulting is a local example of a similar business that we’ve recently helped improve their digital marketing with a brand refresh.

Part of the launch of their rebrand included revamped messaging that centered around highlighting the success they achieve for their Inc. 500 clients. When re-assessing your marketing strategy, and the communications on your website, know that internally the process may outweigh the results, but when communicating with the customer it’s the results that you deliver that matter most. If you want help with refining your marketing to shine a light on the results you deliver in order to win new business, get in touch with us today!