How to Leverage Marketing Processes for Business Success

While often overlooked, a critical part of marketing involves finding ways to be more efficient and effective in your efforts. With expectations to deliver results higher than ever, regular marketing audits are essential. Why? Because they uncover the facts, data, and insights needed to figure out what’s missing in a marketing ecosystem, what needs improvement, and what new strategies are needed for the future.

Of course, that kind of end-to-end analysis is only the first step. It’s one thing to know what needs to be done and another thing entirely to implement solutions that last. But after working with brands and organizations of all kinds, we’ve concluded that there is a universal tool that anyone can utilize to ensure that their marketing efforts aren’t just improved, but also operate like clockwork long into the future.

That secret weapon? Marketing processes.

The System Behind Success

When we talk about marketing processes, we’re referring to the series of steps that take a marketing idea or goal and turn it into reality.

One way to think about it is to picture an assembly line in a factory. A single marketing process would consist of the machines, conveyor belts, and workers that transform an unorganized stack of parts into a valuable end product. Sure, making the product one-by-one or by hand would be possible, but the assembly line dramatically boosts efficiency, effectiveness, and enables productivity growth.

Similarly, processes can be put in place to make achieving various marketing objectives easier. After all, businesses these days have an overwhelming amount of marketing elements to manage. By setting up the proper processes to streamline your marketing operations, you and your team can then have more energy to focus on developing creative growth strategies.

Granted, disrupting the current way of doing things is not always easy. Humans are creatures of habit and, sometimes, that gets in the way of much-needed improvements or innovations. That’s why having a third-party come in with a fresh perspective is so important. An experienced marketing agency like ours can deliver expert insights on your current marketing ecosystem and help you establish better processes that have been proven to work.

At the end of the day, our goal is to establish value-building processes that make your job easier, whether it’s content creation or marketing communications. When done right, all of these different processes work together to form a winning system that builds momentum for future successes.

Marketing Processes in Action

Of course, our emphasis on marketing processes isn’t to suggest that an organization is doing something wrong. Instead, it’s about continually looking for ways to improve. This relieves the pressure of doing things “wrong” or “right,” and puts in its place the freedom to learn and grow.

With that approach in mind, it becomes much easier to welcome modifications or additions to your current operations. The changes may be minor or they may involve a dramatic transformation, but the end goal will always be to set you up for better performance in the future. In fact, a key advantage to recognizing the power of marketing processes is having your eyes opened to all the ways your marketing efforts can be improved.

For instance, a single social media post would typically involve figuring out the best places and times to post, creating different content for multiple platforms, and monitoring the post’s performance. Could all of this be done on a post-by-post basis? Definitely. But it would be very inefficient (and overwhelming), to say the least.

Putting various processes in place would make things a lot easier. Rather than having to find content from square one each time, you could establish a process that builds a content library for future use. Additionally, creating a clear brand guide to social media would streamline decision-making on what, where, and when to post.

In a similar way, efficient processes can be put in place for objectives like:

  • Getting impactful customer reviews and testimonials
  • Broadcasting big wins as they happen
  • Website designs and updates
  • Leveraging employees to amplify a message or create content
  • Collection and analysis of marketing data

Essentially, establishing marketing processes allows you to be proactive towards your objectives rather than reactive to short-term goals. The best part? Once you set up these systems, you’ll be reaping the benefits long after the initial efforts are done.

Start Early For Faster Results

Like a snowball, the impact of marketing processes builds upon itself and grows bigger over time. This is why it’s so important to start establishing these processes early on. The sooner you set up your systems, the faster you can start enjoying the long-term advantages they deliver.

Take the process of regularly collecting brand content and assets, for example. The first few weeks or months of doing so may not seem to have a huge impact, but as that brand library builds over time, you’ll quickly start to rely on it as a valuable resource that makes executing countless ideas and projects drastically easier.

The same effect can be applied to reviews. Being proactive about getting reviews today allows you to build a credible and trustworthy reputation through an abundance of positive feedback — a valuable advantage against newcomers who come along down the road. Having processes in place to get reviews and promote your big wins means you don’t have to scramble in response to new competition and can focus your energy on more proactive strategies.

Ultimately, starting early means having more marketing processes in play over a long period, and that longevity is key to positioning yourself for success sooner rather than later. Don’t we all want that?

Delivering Value One Step at a Time

Hopefully, by this point, you’re sold on the need to improve your marketing processes. Admittedly, though, it can be hard to know exactly where to start. Each organization is different and requires a custom approach to figure out what processes will work best.

Luckily, that’s exactly what we here at PH3 specialize in. We give every one of our clients the detailed attention needed to fully understand their business and, in doing so, are able to deliver solutions that actually deliver value over time. No quick fixes or one-size-fits-all processes here. Just established expertise and a genuine partnership.

Ready to get started? Let’s get to talking.