How to Fix Google Street View for Your Business

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Google Maps vehicles are sneaky. You’ve got a perfectly fine storefront complete with signage and a façade that you’ve invested into beautifying but the Google-mobiles don’t care. They’ll travel through back alleys and will capture the back of your building. It recently happened to us here at the agency, and we wanted to help businesses address Google’s mistake.

You know how important first impressions are. When someone researches your business, according to SEMRush, 86% of people look up the physical location of the companies they’re interested in on Google maps. You want to be sure that you’re presenting the best face of your company to future customers. Still, that intent becomes more challenging when Google airs out what’s in the alley behind your business, or mistakes the location of a neighboring business for your own. If Google doesn’t grant your business the opportunity to put its best face forward, follow these steps to get your business back on the right track.

Whether you’re logged in to your Google My Business or not you can fix Google Street View right now in just a couple of minutes. Here’s how we fixed the existing Google Street View for RVR Consulting Group, the focus of our previous blog article on digital marketing.

Fixing GMB Street View

Technically this image shows RVR’s building. Trouble is, it’s on the other side of that wall. This outside view of the office was taken in the back alley of a neighboring strip mall. A confusing perspective to say the least for a potential client hoping to learn more about their business.


Clicking the “See outside” image only contributes to this confusion. The 360° view revealed old furniture and dumpsters belonging to RVR’s distant neighbors—not the most flattering environment you’d want to be associated with your business. So, here’s how you can suggest a correction for the wrong Street View without owning the business affected.

Step 1: Click “Suggest an Edit”

Suggest an edit for google street view

Step 2: Click “Change Name or Other Details”

Google My Business Update Details

Step 3: Click ‘Update Location on the Map’

Update Location on the google map

Step 4: Adjust Location Marker

Adjust the red location marker to the approximate location that you want Google to feature with your business information. Then click ‘Done’ when you’ve got the pin where you want it.

Google maps new location marker

Step 5: Upload Photos (Recommended)

While you’re at it, upload some quality photos of your business if you haven’t already. If you need some professional photography to make a stellar first-impression give us a shout! We’d be happy to discuss ways that we can take your digital marketing to the next level with professional photography and video services.

Add photos to Google My Business


Successfully editing google maps street view

The closest possible street view of RVR’s building is now displaying handsomely on Google. Due to the nature of the Google street vehicle, know that the photo may not perfectly depict the front of your business. The goal here is to show the entrance of your building as closely as possible.


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