History of PH3 Agency + Web Design

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These days we make it better. But back in the day, we had to make it from scratch. PH3 Agency launched in 2003, and since then we’ve grown our scope of abilities and honed our skills to create world-renowned sites for brands across industries that focus on functionality and purposeful design. Web design has always been at the core of what our creative marketing agency does best. In this article, we’ll take a stroll down memory lane and throw it back to the evolution of web design during PH3’s history of designing cutting-edge websites for businesses in Orlando and across the nation.

Welcoming the Digital Revolution (2003-2010)

Thankfully during this era, we were able to escape the bit crushing screech of dial-up modems, as the world gradually shifted to a more peaceful world of broadband. Early on, PH3 spearheaded a website design style that embraced the golden era of Flash with a website for Touch Vodka. The site featured a floating menu and dynamic martini glasses that floated across the screen all thanks to the wonders of Adobe Flash.

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Right out of the gate, PH3 was a web design company well before we were an Orlando marketing agency. In 2007 we upgraded our text-only site to offer a glimpse into PH3’s early design style. We’d already optimized for mobile with the second version of our site, but the world's introduction to responsive web design was still 3-years down the road. We took a straightforward approach to define our process, present our case studies, and offer a lifeline to businesses that needed to develop their web presence.

Following our Flash wizardry, we guided clients like Pangea Adventure Racing into a mobile-first future as web design and web development moved from desktop-dominated Flash to a more streamlined UX (user experience). And in case you’re curious, A$$* = *Problems, Issues, Challenges, Difficulties, Road Blocks... call it what you will, but we referred to it as A$$ and we kicked it into its rightful place.

In 2010 PH3 also kicked off a bold new era of web design. We defined our stance on what we do in a way that brought the same kind of energy to our homepage that we brought to our creative work on a daily basis.

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Say Hello to Mobile + Brewery (2010-2018)

It was around this time when the common usage of “app” became associated more with smartphones and tablets, and less with crabcakes and jalapeño poppers. Our agency hit our stride with innovative responsive mobile design. Following the release of the first iPad, we designed a site for Northwest Church that accommodated PCs, tablets, and smartphone formats. Northwest’s website featured 3 dynamic columns on a desktop and tablet view, with categories that would stack on top of one another for a seamless scroll on mobile.

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2015 also marked the year that we brought the brewery into the office, officially making us the first and only Agency + Brewery in the nation. Of course, our new identity called for a fresh website. To this day, people are still caught off guard when they hear “Agency + Brewery”, so it was important to define the role that the brewery played in our company. Initially, we communicated this breakdown with the “100% Lean 0% Fat approach”. Even though this design for PH3 was temporary, it was the first public look at the happy marriage between Agency + Brewery.

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Well Beyond Website Builders

Fast forward to today where PH3 Agency + Brewery continues to accelerate growth for brands. Our digital capabilities help our clients break through the ordinary in ways that deliver serious results. It takes a laser-focused strategic approach to drive more traffic, secure more conversions, and make brands look great. In this era when anyone can build their own website, there are fewer sites that actually accomplish what they set out to do. That’s why brands that are serious about their growth partner with a web design agency that delivers results.

Take Dorado Beach Resort for example. The luxurious Puerto Rican resort wanted to update the look and feel of their website to reflect their complete renovation and reconstruction. Check out their numbers since we launched their new site in September 2018.

  • 570% increase in conversions
  • 308% increase in conversion rate
  • 32 keywords on the first page of Google
  • 72% increase in page views
  • 70% increase in unique page views
  • 78% increase in entrances

As the web has evolved, so has our ability to create stunning and powerful websites. Through the years, we’ve achieved results for businesses beautifully by simplifying UX design to drive qualified leads that exceed their unique goals. We’ve come a long way from bringing brands online and building their digital presence from square one.

Today we continue to future-proof websites for growth-oriented brands on the front-end, back-end and all the UX/UI in-between. From web design and development to content strategies and digital marketing through SEO and analytics, we position our clients ahead of the curve—because maximizing your online presence today creates a stronger platform for your brand to grow well beyond tomorrow. Learn more about what it is like to work with us.